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Good backgammon game.
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Good backgammon game.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

WELCOME TO BACKGAMMON! Before we can play backgammon, you must install
the program. This is a straightforward procedure, will take just five
minutes, and you only have to do it once.

What we need is a blank disk with the system program (COMMAND.COM) and
the ANSI.SYS file on it, plus all the files on this disk. The procedure
for this will vary according to how many floppy disk drives you have, and
whether or not you have a hard disk. The following is a suggested procedure
for a two floppy-system.

1. Place your system disk in drive a: and a blank disk in drive b:
2. Enter the following on the keyboard:

format b:/s/v (Follow the instructions for the FORMAT program)
copy a:config.sys b:

3. Replace the system disk in drive a: with the PC-SIG disk.
4. Enter the following on the keyboard:

copy a:*.* b:

That's it! The game instructions are in the BG.DOC file. Have Fun!!!!!!

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