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Latest version of a great Star Ship simulation. This is a must have.
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Latest version of a great Star Ship simulation. This is a must have.
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Contents of the BEGINAD.TXT file

BEGIN, A Tactical Starship Simulation has been, or should be,
uploaded to this BBS. It is the finest, most accurate Starship
Simulation yet (or at least we hope it is).

Unlike almost all other "Trek" games, Begin does not employ the
unrealistic "quadrant-sectors" or the "Mass Hoard of aliens" approach.
Instead, all ships are created equal with intelligent enemy strategy
being used to defeat the unsuspecting human player. For the novice
player even a one-on-one scenario is quite a challenge.

Begin also features four different nations, Federation, Klingon,
Romulan and Orion, with the human player becoming the nation of their
choice. The program also provides for numerous ship classes of varying
design for each of the different nation.

There are not any artificial "difficulty levels" in Begin. Instead
if a player wishes for an easier scenario, they may command a fleet of
up to seventeen ships against a smaller enemy force. For a more
difficult scenario, one-on-nine is a more likely challenge.

Currently Begin will run on any video adapter including the IBM
monochrome adapter although we recommend a color display.

We are currently planning Version 2.0 and are interested in your
ideas. To make this exchange easier for all, we have set up the Micro
Foundry BBS. It is an open board giving all callers 60 minutes with no
uploads requirements.

If you are, or become, a Beginner, we hope to hear from you.

Tom Nelson
Author, Begin
Sysop, The Micro Foundry
The Micro Foundry
PO Box 610338 Feb 22, 1989
San Jose, CA 95161
(408) 258-3484

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