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Welcome to BassDuel!

This BassDuel distribution diskette contains a document file that is the
complete operating instructions for the game. The file is called BDUEL.DOC.
You can display this file on your screen by typing TYPE A:BDUEL.DOC, or you
can send it to your printer by typing COPY A:BDUEL.DOC PRN:. This assumes of
course, that you have the BassDuel distribution diskette inserted in your
A: disk drive.

There is also a question and answer file on the disk. It's called Q&A.TXT.
This file lists some of the more common questions and problems that people
have expressed regarding BassDuel. If you have trouble, please consult both
the BDUEL.DOC file and the Q&A.TXT file before calling or writing. I've
found that almost all problems can be answered within those documents.

On the disk you'll also find a file called ORDERFRM.TXT. It's an order form
that lists all of my other ShareWare programs. You can also print this form
and use it to order additional software.

To register BassDuel, use the registration form on the disk. It's called
BDREGIST.TXT, and can be printed by typing the following command from the
DOS prompt:


This assumes that you have the distribution disk inserted into your A: disk
drive. You can also print the registration form from within the game. To do
this, select the ABOUT DUEL item from the left hand command box. A window will
appear telling you a bit about BassDuel. Click on the REGISTER button or
press the R key and the registration form will be printed. Just fill out the
form and send it along with your cash, check, or money order for $15.00 (U.S.
funds) to:

Richard Olsen
Olsen Outdoors
68 Hartwell Ave.
Littleton, MA 01460

Registered users will receive the newest version of the game, PERSONALIZED,
with their name appearing on the bottom line. REGISTERED users are also
entitled to a FREE CompuServe IntroPak including a $15.00 usage credit for
new members. As a special bonus, registered users can also subscribe to
Shareware Magazine for only $12.95 instead of the regular subscription rate
of $20.00! What a deal!

Hopefully, you'll enjoy BassDuel enough to support my efforts by
registering your copy!

Good fishin'!

Dick Olsen
68 Hartwell Ave.
Littleton, MA 01460