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** BASSTOUR ** Version 4.81
BassTour is the ULTIMATE fishing game for your computer. You control a FULLY
rigged bass boat. Over 2300 lure/color combinations. Six different rods.
Trolling motor, LCD chart recorder and lots more. Comes complete with TEN
different areas to fish. Works on VGA, EGA, MCGA, CGA, and Hercules graphics
systems. Requires 512k of memory. Mouse support is provided, but not
necessary. Fish a 3 day tournament against 30 of the top names in bass

** BASS CLASS ** Version 1.4
A bass fishing game that also a great learning tool. All the features of
BassTour but not a tournament situation. Requires EGA and 512k of memory.
Lots of fun, highly educational. On screen HELP, GLOSSARY, and suggestions.

** BASSDUEL ** Version 1.2
NEW! BassDuel is a TWO player version of BassTour with a new user interface.
Two players fish simultaneously from the same boat, just like in real
tournament competition. Six totally new (hardly ever been fished) lakes that
are Bass Class and BassTour compatible. More lure choices too! Catch the
giant bass that resides in each lake and win a FREE program disk! Requires
512k of memory and EGA. Supports mouse AND joystick.

** BASSDUEL DELUXE ** Version 1.2
A special disk with BassDuel and LAKES #1, LAKES #2 and LAKES #3 already
installed. Comes complete with a copy of BassTips too! A $55.00 value for
only $35.00 ($37.00 for 3.5 ").


** LAKES #1, LAKES #2 and LAKES #3 **
These disks each contain an additional seven fishing areas that you can add
to your BassTour, Bass Class, or BassDuel game. Use of all three lakes disks
will expand your choice of fishing areas to 27!

This is a single disk that combines all 21 lakes found on LAKES #1, LAKES #2

** FISHBASE ][ ** Version 2.9
FishBase ][ is a fishermans log book and data base program that also gives you
lots of statistics about the fish you catch. For color or monochrome systems.
Requires 256k of memory.

** BASSTIPS ** Version 1.4
BassTips is a collection of over 100 fishing tips. Complete with a tip editor
so you can add your own tips. You can configure the tips to 'POP' onto your
screen. For color or monochrome systems.


** RACE THE NAGS ** Version 1.1
** BRAND NEW! ** Race The Nags is our newest game. It runs with up to six
players in full color graphics. Players place their bets on six horses that
gallop across the screen. Start the game with $500 in "seed" money and earn
a place in the Hall Of Fame if you can. You may even make the Millionaires
Club and earn a special $5.00 off coupon on your next order from Olsen
Outdoors! There's a stable of over 200 horses, and statistics are kept for
each of them. Race The Nags is easy enough for kids yet addictive and
challenging for adults. Especially fun for group play. It requires an EGA
or better and 512k of memory.


** TIKLER ** Version 5.0
TIKLER is an appointment/reminder program that is FAST as well as easy
to use. Reminds you of upcoming events such as birthdays, meetings etc. You
can set how many days in advance you want to be notified. Handles up to 600
events and has a built in perpetual calendar. Passwords and encryption are
supported as is the EUROPEAN date format. Runs in standard mode, as a
conventional TSR or as a swapping TSR (using only about 6k of memory!). For
color or monochrome systems. Requires 256k of memory.


Our policy is to make upgrades of our products available to our REGISTERED
USERS at any time. To qualify for the upgrade price for a program, you must
be a REGISTERED USER of that program. Upgrades are not available for the
additional lake disks because they never change. If you are already a
registered user of any of these programs (except the additional lakes disks),
you can order an upgrade to the newest version of that program for only
$5.00 for 5.25 inch disks or $7.00 for 3.5" disks.
Olsen Outdoors Software Order Form

QTY PROGRAM 3.5" disk 5.25" disk Amount
_____ BassTour $17.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ Bass Class $17.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ BassDuel $17.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ BassDuel Deluxe $37.00 $35.00 $_______

_____ Lakes #1 $12.00 $10.00 $_______

_____ Lakes #2 $12.00 $10.00 $_______

_____ Lakes #3 $12.00 $10.00 $_______

_____ LakePak $27.00 $25.00 $_______

_____ BassTips $12.00 $10.00 $_______

_____ FishBase ][ $17.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ Tikler $17.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ Race The Nags $15.00 $15.00 $_______

_____ UPGRADE me! I'm currently a registered user of:

PROGRAM TITLE________________________________

YOUR VERSION NUMBER__________________________

Upgrades are $7.00 for 3.5" , $5.00 for 5.25" $_______
disks. You must be a REGISTERED USER of the
program to obtain the upgrade price.

Massachusetts residents please add 5% sales tax: $_______

Shipping: $2 in North America, $4 elsewhere $_______

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED (cash, check, or money $_______
order, U.S. funds ONLY please)

Your Name_______________________________________________________

Street Address__________________________________________________



Please Check DISK SIZE NEEDED: _______5 1/4 _______3 1/2

Mail your order to: Richard Olsen
Olsen Outdoors
68 Hartwell Avenue
Littleton, MA 01460, U.S.A.

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