Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : BDUEL121.ZIP

Output of file : BDINSTAL.BAT contained in archive : BDUEL121.ZIP

echo off
if "%1" == "" goto usage
mkdir bduel
copy a:BD.BAT %1
cd %1\bduel
copy a:*.* %1
echo -- Installation is complete. A directory called BDUEL has been
echo -- created on the disk drive you specified. To run BassDuel in the
echo -- future, simply type type BD then press ENTER key from any directory.
echo --
echo -- To run BassDuel now, type BASSDUEL then press the ENTER key.
goto end

echo -- You must specify a disk drive where BassDuel is to be installed:
echo --
echo -- EXAMPLES: a:bdinstal c:
echo -- -OR-
echo -- a:bdinstal d:
echo --
echo -- Notice the c: and the d: at the end of the command. These specify
echo -- where you want to install BassDuel.
goto end