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Battle on Distant Planets warfare game with SoundBlaster support.
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Battle on Distant Planets warfare game with SoundBlaster support.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

* * * SHAREWARE * * *


Release 1.0 - January 28, 1992


additional scenarios are Copyright 1992 - Glacier Edge Technology
All Rights Reserved.

This basic game and First Battle scenario, included in ""
is distributed as shareware. Please make copies of,
and give to your friends or upload to other BBS. Only the basic
game and the First Battle scenario are shareware. All additional
scenarios and the licensed version of the game are not shareware.

Please copy or upload only and not the individual files.
This file which is included in, must be retained in
any copies distributed.


Battles is a Windows 3.0 application and must be installed
on a hard disk drive. You should copy the file to
a new directory, preferably called \BATTLES, before unzipping
the file.

Battles will expect to find it's initialization file, "bdp.ini",
in the default Windows directory, which is usually C:\WINDOWS.

You should copy the "bdp.ini" file to the default windows

Refer to your Windows 3.0 User's Guide for the procedure to
install the Battles application and icon in the program group
of your choice.

The User Manual is on-line, via the HELP menu item of the main
menu, and you should read it before attempting to play the game.
Also each scenario has both INFORMATION and HISTORY, which should
be read before attempting to play a scenario.


Battles will provide sound support for the standard PC speaker
or for the SoundBlaster Sound Board, (at the time of this version,
the AdLib Sound Board was not available for Windows 3.0 support).

If you have the SoundBlaster Sound Board and you desire sound
support for Windows 3.0, you must also have the basic DLL for
the SoundBlaster. If you do not have this DLL, and are a
registered SoundBlaster user, you can contact:

Creative Labs, Inc.
2050 Duane Avenue
Santa Clara, CA. 95054
(408) 986-1461

and request a disk with the basic Windows SoundBlaster DLL for
the cost of postage. The DDL will also contain the necessary
changes you must make to your "win.ini" file for SoundBlaster.

If you wish to use the SoundBlaster support you should execute
the following command from the directory where you installed
the Battles game:

copy soundbd.ini C:\WINDOWS\bdp.ini

If your default Windows directory is one other than C:\WINDOWS,
you should indicate the appropriate disk\directory within the
above command.


If you are not ordering additional scenarios, but have enjoyed
please send $15.00 (US) to the Glacier Edge Technology address.

Those who develop SHAREWARE products need the support of the
users of the SHAREWARE products in order to continue developing
new SHAREWARE products for users to use. This particular product
took almost a year, full time, to develop and become available
for your enjoyment. Your support of this SHAREWARE product will
be greatly appreciated.


Additional scenarios are currently available for licensing:

A Night on Rangor

Command a small Terran strike team of Anti-Grav
Transports and Assault Escorts, with Mobile Infantry,
on a mission to Rangor, 3rd moon of Taos IV, to capture
or destroy the dreaded Commodor Kroll of the buglike
Tior'on Wave. The Tior'on Patrol Skimmers and all
terrain Trackers will attempt to stop the Terrans.

Desert Counter Attack

Command the remnants of Terran Rangor Strike Force,
after the Rangor raid, who land on the planet Saudis,
a desert world, and make repairs in order to continue
onward to Terra. Unfortunately, the bugs find them
and the Terrans must fight off the Tior'ons.

The Princess

The beautiful Princess Yoi, daughter of Maden the
warlord of Aguilar, has been kidnapped by Ro'Der
of the evil Mercan Trog and is being held in his
starfort. An Aguilarian assault force of Warriors,
Warlords and Hebeast Calvery must rescue her.
Warriors and Warlords are deployed with magical
power armor, and the Hebeast fire breathe is great
for roasting the spitting Trogs. An intense, urban,
house-to-house and rescue tactical problem.


The evil Kar'dare are completing their new Helius Weapon,
which destroys stars. As the Kar'daren complex commander,
command the Slinker and Oker Mechs to defend the Helius.
As the Terran Assault Force commander you must locate the
base on the tropical planet Tara Lie and direct the Terran
Battle and Scout Mechs, with Hovercraft Transports and
Mech Infantry, to destroy the Helius before it can be
taken off planet.

These four scenarios can be obtained by sending a check or money
order for $40.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling ($43.00 US) to:

Glacier Edge Technology
4820 East Kentucky Ave. Suite E
Glendale, Co. 80222

You will receive disks with these four scenarios and the licensed
version of the game. Please indicate 5.25 inch disk or 3.5 inch
disk preference with your order.

The additional scenarios and the licensed version of the game
are not SHAREWARE, and may not be copied or distributed.

SCENARIOS UNDER DEVELOPMENT (for the licensed game only)

Air Assault Series

A series of scenarios deploying helicopter assault and
transport units, infantry squads, light attack vehicles
and tanks which can be air transported. While the units
will be of Earth, circa 1990-2000, these should be very
entertaining scenarios.

The Taukoen'en Theory

A Pauri Strike Force trys to locate and capture the
new star drive in development on the ice planet Ielow.
The star physicist, A'an, has assembled a ragtag lot
of warriors to defend the development center.

Rite of Passage

The Ts'wana Cadets, of the Tarwa Star Academy must
defend the facility from the Fildori Storm Troopers
which are teleporting in to destroy the computer center.


If you experience any problems with the game or scenarios, please
write down the configuration of your system, the scenario you were
playing, what you where trying to do when the problem occurred,
and a detailed description of the problem as best as you can,
and send it to the Glacier Edge Technology address. If possible
save the game (*.svg) and mail it on a disk or E-Mail it.

If you have any questions or comments about Battles, you can send
them to the Glacier Edge Technology address or if you prefer,
you can send E-Mail to:

Compuserv - 70621,160


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