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Dear U'NI User:


Here's the disk of my Shareware games you requested on the network.
Thanks for your interest in them! I hope you find something to enjoy
in there somewhere.

Feedback is always appreciated, whether on U'NI (Shareware or PC-Games
conferences), or at my address below.

Any uploading you can do to boards you frequent would be appreciated,
and of course, feel free to give out copies of the games to friends
(enemies, total strangers...).

Have fun, and I'll see you on U'NI!

Bob Lancaster
P.O. Box 5612
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

PS: My apologies for this tacky "form letter", but it's the only way I
could make sure I would get these in the mail as they're requested...

PPS: Some have asked that I supply descriptions of the games, to be
used when uploading them to BBSs. I'm not very good at coming up with
these myself (as you'll see), but some suggestions follow. PLEASE
feel free to ignore them and come up with something more descriptive
of your own...


File **SUGGESTED** Description
------------ ----------------------------------------
MLYAHT22.ZIP Yaht: Simple, solid Yahtzee game!

MLSHUT12.ZIP Shut The Box: Dice fun for kids/adults!

MLOTRA12.ZIP Otra: Memory game, like Simon!

MLLOYD11.ZIP Loyd: Sliding tile puzzle/game!

MLPUSH11.ZIP Push Your Luck: Simple, fast dice game!

(Boy, I _hate_ those exclamation points...)

If there are additional description lines available, the following
lines are valid for each of the games:

Any monitor, uses mouse or keyboard.
Multi-player, sound on/off, top-10 scores.
Boss key, Fast mode, much more.