Dec 112017
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Category Games and Entertainment
Battles in a Distant Desert v1.50: MS-Windows strategy game that consists of a collection of battles which could have taken place during Operation Desert Storm; PC speaker and multimedia-compatible sound card support.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BDD.EXE 204800 72356 deflated
BDD.INI 24 24 stored
BDDHLP.HLP 17449 9029 deflated
BDDHLP.PH 1947 940 deflated
BDDSAVE.ALL 136 37 deflated
BERMBUST.DLL 141824 18720 deflated
BERMBUST.HLP 16684 7888 deflated
BERMBUST.PH 1181 600 deflated
BERMBUST.STC 18273 3417 deflated
BERMBUST.TXT 1038 610 deflated
BERMBUST.WMF 15000 1082 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 224 171 deflated
README.1ST 6675 2699 deflated

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