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Software Creations, Inc. presents



Trivia Game Toolkit allows users to develop their very own
customized trivia game programs. No computer programming
experience is required to create commercial-quality trivia
games using this product. All information is entered through
the use of popup menus and data entry screens. The created
final-form trivia game programs can be distributed royalty-
free as public domain programs, as shareware programs, to
family and friends, to classmates or coworkers, or to
whomever you choose.

The developer using Trivia Game Toolkit has the following

- choose the trivia game program's name and long title

- select names for the six categories to be used for
- change the program's backdrop, window border, window
text, and entry screen text colors
- modify the sounds that play for correct answers, wrong
answers, and at the end of the game
- enter and edit questions and answers for each of the six
- print reports listing all of the questions and answers
for each category
- execute the runtime version from within the toolkit to
immediately see the results of all changes made to the
final program
- produce distribution diskettes upon project completion

The Trivia Game Toolkit sells for $49.50 and may be purchased
directly from Software Creations, Inc. Print the file
ORDER.DOC for further purchasing information.

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Archive   : BBALLTM.ZIP
Filename : TOOLKIT.DOC

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