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A simple one-player Battleship game.
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A simple one-player Battleship game.
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Contents of the INSTRUCT.TXT file

Welcome to Battleship!

Battleship is a computer version of the popular Milton Bradley game. In
order to win, you must sink all of the computer's ships. Be careful! The
computer is no pushover, and has as much chance of beating of you as you do

In the first stage of the game, you are prompted to plot the positions
of your five (5) ships. Following your successful placement of ships,
the computer will attempt to do the same.
In the second stage, a "coin" is tossed to determine who will go first.
In the third segement, the battle stage, you must "cursor" to the
location of your intended shot and press the [Space] key. At any time
during the third stage you may press [F1] for help, or [F2] to toggle
the game options.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the game and am open to any suggestions or
improvements you have for it!

Prashant Sridharan and Sherlock Endzone Joe Mark Livingston Peabody III
605 Sonata Way
Silver Spring, MD. 20901

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