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The game of battleship, requires VGA and mouse.
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The game of battleship, requires VGA and mouse.
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Contents of the BATLS.DOC file

Version 2.3

by SimoneSystems
Copyright (C) 1991 by Frank L. Simone


Thank you for trying SimoneSystems "BATTLESHIP" version 2.3, the classic
game of Battleship, with a twist. BATTLESHIP provides an easy to use mouse
interface, and VGA high resolution graphics. The twist? BATTLESHIP adds
another level of strategy to the game with these special game features:

Mines! With mines, you can get a head start on your opponent
by exposing part of his navy without firing a shot.
You can also help guard your ships from enemy attack.
Islands! The virtually unlimited combination of screen layouts
make each game different!
Submerge Submarine! Just when the enemy starts aiming at your sub, give
the order to dive! Submerge your submarine to a
depth even the computer can't hit!
Move Spy Ship! Secretly move your spy ship to a new location after
the game has already started! But watch out for
those enemy mines!
Minesweeping! Use your minesweeper to locate and destroy enemy

BATTLESHIP also includes these options:
Edit Colors. You can change any or all of the screen colors.
Set Mouse. You control the mouse speed by setting the
mouse sensitivity.
Save Configuration. BATTLESHIP will automatically save the game options
you select.
Reset High Scores. The high scores can be reset from the Main Menu.

The Save Configuration option is only available in the registered version.
However, this ShareWare version does include BONUS games! These BONUS games
allow you to try any or all of the new playing options! Every time you start
a new game, BATTLESHIP will determine if it is a BONUS game. If it is, you
can select any of the game options you wish! Then, when you select Save
Configuration, BATTLESHIP will remember your selections for the duration of
the BONUS game.

Announcing the Admirals Hall of Fame!

Make your mark in the International Admirals Hall of Fame! See how your best
score fares against BATTLESHIP Admirals from around the world. The Admirals
Hall of Fame lists the top 15 Admirals and their scores. Take your best shot
and submit an entry form with your high score to the Admirals Hall of Fame.
The list will be updated periodically, and posted on most major BBS's in the
file "BATLS.HOF". The ability to view the Admirals Hall of Fame, and print
an entry form are both available from within the game. Good luck!
(This option is available for registered users only.)


BATTLESHIP runs on an IBM PC or compatible (XT, AT, 286, 386, 486, etc.)
running DOS 2.0 or higher, with VGA high resolution graphics (640 x 480 x 16),
and requires a mouse. Note: if the mouse cursor is not visible on the game
menus or when firing, this indicates an out of date mouse driver written
before VGA became a standard. The solution is to simply get a newer mouse
driver from the manufacturer of your mouse.


The following files are distributed with BATTLESHIP:
1. BATLS.DOC instructions (this file).
2. BATLS.REG registration form.
3. BATLS.EXE the executable program. (ShareWare version).
4. BATLS.FNT character fonts.
5. BATLS.IMG graphics images.
6. BATLS.SH1 graphics images.
7. BATLS.SH2 graphics images.

Make sure the above files are in the current directory before starting.
You start the game by typing BATLS. There is one command line switch 'Q'.
The game defaults to sound on, but you can override the default by typing:
BATLS q. Of course, the sound can be controlled from within the game.

The object of the game is to sink my navy in the fewest number of shots,
before I sink yours. The game board is divided in two sections. You will
place your navy on the left, I will place mine on the right. Of course my
ships will be hidden until you hit them. Each navy consists of 8 ships and
8 mines.

The first screen prompts you for your name. Type your name and press ENTER.
You are now presented with the game board. As you move your mouse, your ship
will move around the board. Press the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to rotate the ship.
Press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to lock the ship in place, and go on to the next
ship. You cannot place ships on islands, and they cannot overlap each other.
If you place a ship where I have a layed a mine, that portion of your ship
will explode and reveal to me the ships location. If minesweeping is
activated, a box will appear around the mine sweeper showing the area it will
sweep. As soon as you place the mine sweeper, it will begin to sweep for enemy
mines, destroying all that it finds. After you place your ships, It's time to
lay your mines. If you place a mine where I have hidden a ship, that portion
of my ship will explode and reveal to you the ships location.

You will always have the first turn. Move your gun site around with the
mouse. Fire with the LEFT mouse button. You start with one shot. For every
ship you sink, you will receive an extra shot. If you hit a mine, you lose
the rest of your shots for that turn.

If SUBMERGE SUBMARINE is active, it will show up as an option on the Main
Menu. When you want to submerge your submarine, select Submerge Submarine on
the Main Menu before shooting. This option takes the place of one turn. Your
submarine will stay submerged while the computer takes its next turn. Then
it automatically re-surfaces. If MOVE SPY SHIP is active, it will show up as
an option on the Main Menu. When you want to move your spy ship, select Move
Spy Ship on the Main Menu before shooting. This option also takes the place
of one turn. To bring up the Main Menu, press the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON or the
ESCape key.

BATTLESHIP will keep the top 20 scores in a file named BATLS.SCO. The
scores are based on the lowest number of shots, highest number of hits, and
number of shots left. The scores can now be reset from the Main Menu.


The following controls are always active:
S toggle sound ON/OFF
ESC (Escape key) or
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON Main Menu. When you are placing your ships, the
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON rotates your ship instead of
bringing up the Main Menu. Use the ESCape key
Instructional messages appear in the center at the bottom of the screen.


Version 2.3
Several customers requested the capability to change the screen colors, so
I added the Edit Colors option to the Main Menu. You can set any or all of
the 16 available colors to any color you desire. The game always remembers
the default game colors, so you can easily set any or all of the colors back
to their original settings.
I enhanced the drawing routines when firing to make the mouse movement much
I also added a little tune that plays when you make a high score.

Version 2.2
Added Yes/No buttons for Exit Game and Reset Score menu options. Added
Mouse Setup option to Main Menu to set mouse sensitivity. The setting is
kept in the BATLS.CFG file. I also added a new customized mouse cursor.

Version 2.1
Re-worked the timing routine in minesweeping to make it more consistent.
Reduced the size of the program by taking advantage of new features in GFONTS
version 3.0 and optimizing more routines.

Version 2.0
To continue the effort (see Version 1.2 below), I added three new features.
First, Islands! When islands are selected, islands are randomly placed
throughout the playing board occupying the same number of spaces on each side.
The combinations are virtually endless, making each game different.
Second, Submerge Submarine! Now you can submerge your submarine to hide from
the enemy and escape his deadly torpedos.
Third, Move Spy Ship! After the game has started (and you've figured out
which pattern the enemy is using!), you can move your spy ship to a new
I enhanced minesweeping by adding a box surrounding the minesweeper to show
the area about to be swept.
Menus and instructional messages have been added to make the game easier to
use. The messages appear in the center at the bottom of the screen.
All of the playing features (Islands, MineSweeping, Submerge Submarine, Move
Spy Ship), have been made optional to preserve the original BATTLESHIP, and to
allow different combinations of each option.
The option to Reset High Scores was added to the Main Menu. It clears all of
the high scores, which are kept in BATLS.SCO.
I changed the function of the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON when you are placing your
ships, to rotate the ships. This makes it possible to play the entire game
with the mouse!
Fixed a problem where your last shot was not subtracted from shots left for
calculating high score.

Version 1.2
In a continuing effort to make BATTLESHIP unique, interesting, and more
fun, a new feature has been added: Mine sweeping! Now, when you place your
mine sweeper on the playing grid, it will sweep the immediate area for enemy
mines! If it locates a mine, it will automatically detonate it.
I improved some of the graphics displays making it easier to distinguish
between hits and misses.

Version 1.1
A problem was found where the mouse cursor is not visible after placing
your ships. The problem is caused by an out of date mouse driver.
BATTLESHIP uses the 640 x 480 VGA graphics mode. Mouse drivers which were
written before VGA became a standard don't handle these high resolution
graphics screens correctly. The solution is to simply get a newer mouse
driver from the manufacturer of your mouse.
A user suggested that when you place your ships, the next ship should not
always appear in the upper left area of the playing grid. This eventually
causes you to have to pick up your mouse and move it! I changed the routine
to make the next ship appear where your mouse pointer is. This makes it a
lot friendlier.
I fixed a minor problem where unwanted images appeared on the screen at the
end of the game if you won, made a high score, and the mouse was in motion.
I've started optimizing several routines, reducing the program size to
prepare for future enhancements.

Version 1.0
Initial release for public distribution.


BATTLESHIP is distributed as Shareware. This allows you to try it before
you buy it, but if you continue to use the game after the trial period of
21 days, you are expected to register. When you register you will receive
the latest version of BATTLESHIP on diskette, and receive discounts on all
new versions of BATTLESHIP. The registered version allows you to select and
save any or all of the playing options for ALL games. Every game is a BONUS
game! You also receive technical support for BATTLESHIP via U.S. Mail at the
address listed below.

To print the registration form, select the PRINT REGISTRATION FORM option
from the final exit game screen, or copy the file BATLS.REG to your printer

Select one of the following:
New order registration $15.00,
or Upgrade from prior version $5.00.
(Remember to include your registration number.)

To register, send the registration form along with
the registration fee (U.S. Dollars) to:

Frank Simone
SimoneSystems Software
3096 Dell Drive
Hermitage, TN 37076

Foreign (non-U.S.) customers, please send one of the following:
1. Checks in U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank.
2. Certified Bank Draft in U.S. Dollars.
3. U.S. Dollars Cash (please send Certified mail).
4. Travellers Checks in U.S. Dollars (please send Certified mail).

You are encouraged to copy and distribute this software as long as the
following restrictions have been met:

1. When distributing this software, it must be in its original unmodified
form, and contain the 7 files listed in the above instructions.
Please make sure the name of the archive file contains the version number.
Example: BATLS23.ZIP (where 23 is the version.)

2. Prior written consent from SimoneSystems Software must be obtained before a
fee or charge is made for copying or distribution.

3. This software shall not be included with other programs, goods, services,
etc. without prior written consent from SimoneSystems Software.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This software is sold "as is", without any warranty as to performance or any
other warranties whether expressed or implied. Because of the many hardware
and software environments into which this program may be used, no warranty of
fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The user must assume the entire
risk of using the program. Any liability of the seller will be limited
exclusively to product replacement or the refund of the registration fee.


BATTLESHIP was written on a 386 with Paradise VGA in Microsoft QuickBasic
4.5 and was enhanced with special customized character fonts with the GFONTS
package from Milestone Programming, Arcata, CA.


If you encounter any problems with BATTLESHIP, please don't hesitate to
contact me at the address listed below. I will do my best to resolve any
problems reported. I would also like to hear from you if you have any
suggestions or comments. I can be contacted at this address:

Frank L. Simone
SimoneSystems Software
3096 Dell Drive
Hermitage, TN 37076

Thank you for your support!

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