Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : BASSMA.ZIP

Output of file : SCRNDUMP.DOC contained in archive : BASSMA.ZIP
To enhance graphics printing for any combination of the following:
EGA/EPSON Extended PrtSc Driver
EGA/OKIDATA 192 Extended PrtSc Driver
EGA/OKIDATA 92 Extended PrtSc Driver
EGA/CITOH Extended PrtSc Driver
CGA/EPSON Extended PrtSc Driver
CGA/OKIDATA 192 Extended PrtSc Driver
CGA/OKIDATA 92 Extended PrtSc Driver
CGA/CITOH Extended PrtSc Driver
HERCULES/EPSON Extended PrtSc Driver
HERCULES/OKIDATA 192 Extended PrtSc Driver
HERCULES/OKIDATA 92 Extended PrtSc Driver
HERCULES/CITOH Extended PrtSc Driver

SCRNDUMP Copyright 1986 by Hardwood Software Associates

Usage: SCRNDUMP /g /p
Where: g = E[GA] for Enhanced Graphics Adapter(640x350 Color)
C[GA] for Color Graphics Adapter(640x200 Mono only)
H[ercules] for Hercules Monochrome Graphics Adapter(720x348 Mono)

p = E[PSON] for EPSON/IBM printer
1[92] for OKIDATA 192 printer
9[2] for OKIDATA 92 printer

To enhance the PrtSc key to include printing the graphics screen.


Press 'Shift/PrtSc' to activate. If no other key is pressed within 10
seconds the regular text print screen routine is used. To print the
graphics screen, press the appropriate number key from the upper row.
To print the first graphics page press '1', the second (if your graphics
board has one) is printed by pressing '2' and so on. When printing the
regular text screen, the time delay can be canceled by pressing the
SPACEBAR. Graphics printing in progress can be canceled by pressing

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Archive   : BASSMA.ZIP

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