Dec 122017
Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (4-6).
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Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (4-6).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Two New Lakes for Basstour 4.0

Stumper: I thought it would be fun to fish a lake that had nothing but LOTS
of "Wood". It turned out fine but there was one small problem:
Don't get caught way back in the stumps with only 30 minutes to
get back! Also, don't get lost! Have fun.

Big Wood: A lake close to home that I have "improved" a little. I have caught
some real heavy limits here. Watch out for the "no wake" areas.

Submitted by Tim McGarry, 7530 Ash St., Webster, WI 54893. This is submitted
into the public domain free of charge.

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