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Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (1-6).
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Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (1-6).
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Contents of the READ-ME.DOC file

David Barnes

The file LAKES-DB.ZIP contains three lakes for use with Dick
Olsen's bass tournament game BassTour. They were created with
Nels Anderson's BassMap lake construction program. Many thanks
to them for some truly superlative programs that have brought me
many hours of enjoyment and challenge.

Simply copy the .MAP files into your BassTour directory and they
will appear on the lakes menu when you start the game.

A brief description of each lake follows:

CLIPPER Lake -- The layout of this lake was inspired by (believe
it or not) the CLIPPER RISC microprocessor module from Intergraph
Corporation. Since I do the marketing communications for this
product, it seemed like a natural model for my first lake. Use
the contour map command and you'll note the basic layout of the
module: a 3" by 4-1/2" printed circuit board with four main
chips: a CPU chip with integrated Floating Point Unit, two
Cache/Memory Management Units, and a clock chip. It seems like a
good fishing lake to me, newcomer that I am to EGA bass fishing.
I've caught nearly 49 pounds in pro mode on this lake, and can
often catch around 35 to 40 pounds. I don't know if that's good
or bad, but I offer it as a reference point.

Five Points Lake -- This lake has five fingers of land extending
into the lake, creating a number of fairly large coves filled
with rocks, stumps, weeds, etc. It is more heavily landscaped
than CLIPPER Lake, and offers pretty good fishing as well. I've
play tested this a fair amount and it is possible to catch 40+
pounds of bass in pro mode.

Lake Med -- This is my most recent lake, just completed and
beta tested today. It seems pretty good, but only time will
tell if it is consistently as good as CLIPPER Lake and Five
Points Lake. The layout of this lake was inspired by the western
Mediterranean, from the island of Crete west to Gibraltar. It
seemed to me that this famous sea would provide some nice fishing
areas and coves if it were reduced to lake size. At least in my
beta testing, this appears to be the case. Again, use the
contour map command and you should recognize it immediately.

Comments (even critiques!) from veteran BassTour fishermen are

David Barnes
116 Dunsmuir Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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