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Edit "Bard's Tale" characters and Garth's Equipment Shop inventory. Very.
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Edit “Bard’s Tale” characters and Garth’s Equipment Shop inventory. Very.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BARDCHAR.EXE 28854 13757 deflated
BARDINV.EXE 15060 7760 deflated
BARDUTIL.DOC 706 398 deflated

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Contents of the BARDUTIL.DOC file

-*- Instructions for BARDCHAR and BARDINV -*-

(Written and placed in the public domain by Anthony Li.)

BARDCHAR is a character editor for "The Bard's Tale" series [(c)1985,
Interplay Productions]. You can use it to modify any aspect of your characters.

BARDINV is an inventory manager for Garth's Equipment Shop. Using BARDINV,
you can add or subtract items from Garth's stock.

To run BARDCHAR or BARDINV, you only need to copy the ".EXE" file onto
your play diskette (or sub-directory, for fixed disk users) and execute the
program by typing "BARDCHAR" or "BARDINV" and pressing [Enter].

Have fun.

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