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COURSE: Banff Springs

LOCATION: Banff, Canada

DESIGNER: Stanley Thompson


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Mark Willett for the great bench and
ball washer and to Steve McLeod for one of the
small pines; one small pile of rocks I believe
came from Mark Willett or Lee Ritze

Banff Springs represents my first effort using Deluxe Paint 2
Enhanced to work with the background. I love it and can't wait
till I fully master its use. No objects on the course are
digitized, as I have hand drawn them. Banff is characterized by
its tall pines. As a result there is not a great variety of
objects here. Despite that lack of variety, the course in real
life is a magnificent scenery spectacular. The mountains are
very close up, which is why I intentionally did not allow you to
see the tops of every peak. This helps create that sense of

The course is rugged and as such I have worked hard to create
that look, even in the fairways. The signature hole is the
famous Devil's Cauldron, number 8 on the course. You are perched
high above a lake and a trap surrounded green. Club selection is
as much as two different than normal here. I am particularly
pleased with my re-creation of this hole. The course is not a
difficult course, but you can get yourself into significant
trouble quite easily if you are wild. It definitely plays
tougher in JNSE, as the traps are much more in play now. I have
made several changes from the JNUG version, particularly in
relation to smoothing out some of the hilly areas, for
playability sake.

I want to point out that I had to alter the course routing so as
to fit the design screen, so purists may take note of that.
Also, there are two version of the course layout (particularly
trap layouts) that I used, so if you only have one such source,
you could note some discrepencies. When in doubt I chose the
trap layouts that were tougher.

If you like this course and haven't played any other of my
efforts, you may wish to download Spanish Bay ( from
the Double Eagle or 19th Hole Bulletin Board.

This course is my own idea of Banff Springs. I make no claim it
is a perfect re-creation and have not worked with the owners. I
DO NOT authorize this work to be used by any freeware companies.
I also request that you refrain from uploading this course IF you
have made revisions to it. Naturally, you should feel free to
make any alterations you like for your own use. Please feel free
to comment. I can be found on PRODIGY in the Computer Club-OTHER
GAMES-JNSE section.

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