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Program to print out Wizardry VI characters. Useful if you play it.
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Program to print out Wizardry VI characters. Useful if you play it.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Well fellow adventurers here it is, abet in a primitive form,
a utility to assist you in printing out the standard character
data on your awesome team of heroes trekking thru the latest Sir
Tech production, Bane of the Cosmic Forge.

Currently, the program doesn't recognize any Health-Related
Maladies - my team are all the picture of perfect health and thus
it's hard to spot any imperfections - nor does it worry about the
equipment and swag junk you're carrying around. I should be able
to get the health related malady isolated just by taking a group
into back into the dungeon and letting them get poisoned, stoned,
blinded or killed off - so look for an update sometime in the
future. The inventory situation is a little more tricky. Seems
on initial analysis that each item is identified by eight bytes of
data, and decrypting that amount of information will take time and
it is Christmas Eve after all!

Ok enough of the boring editorial stuff. To get this utility
out quickly I bypassed including a lot of code that would ask you
where and what the name of the savegame.dbs or backup.copy is
located - you know the questions which drive, sub-directory and
filename - and any checks to confirm that a printer is attached
and online. Thus also not included were any warning messages
about problems like incorrect drive, sub-directory or file not
found. messing up on inputting the data and you'll get several
pages with a lot of weird numbers. So you're asking how do I run
this utility, and when will we get to the important stuff?

C>banechar d:\sud-directory\filename.ext

Since the latest backup of my super-heroes is on floppy drive B:,
and located in sub-directory SAVE6, I would use the following

C>banechar b:\save6\savegame.dbs

After I turned on the printer and set the paper to top of page.

Once the command is entered, correctly, typically the drive
will spin typically for about 28 seconds on a 3.5" disk drive, 24

seconds on a 5.25" disk drive, and 10 seconds on a hard disk
before the printer starts spewing forth the six pages of data.

This little utility has been brought to you free of charge by
the efforts of GEMail AGNARI

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