Dec 162017
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BANDOR is the first part of a D&D trilogy that features 3-D viewing, VGA graphics, mouse & SoundBlaster support. Requires mouse, 2.5 MB free on hard drive, and 580KB RAM. Sound card optional. Part 2 of 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 308 241 deflated
INTRO.VOC 248004 115706 deflated
INTROBAC.PCX 94028 60087 deflated
MAIN.PCX 16086 6787 deflated
READ1ST.BAT 1208 558 deflated
STEP1.VOC 10271 3196 deflated
STEP2.VOC 16483 3371 deflated
TREASURE.PCX 23328 16863 deflated

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