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Ballybunion golf course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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Ballybunion golf course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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Contents of the BALLYBSE.TXT file

Design by Dan Raftery 24 October, 1992
Thanks again to C. Nillson, Gene Rodriguez III, and Scott Chesney for
the use of their much sought after object designs.

Background is borrowed from Ken Smith's Cajuiles.
Ballybunion is located in Ballybunion, Ireland. Two parcels of land make
up the Ballybunion Golf Club, and this recreation is of the second parcel,
known as Ballybunion New Course. The actual course was designed by Robert
Trent Jones, Sr., in 1971, and I have done my best to recreate it from the
land layout and course routing. There are bound to be descrapancies, and
should you find one, please let me know.

I have used a little color in the objects in Ballybunion which I hope will
replicate flowering gorse and heather. If it is too much for your eyes, oh
well, take a good look at Augusta in the Spring.

This course is a links course and may play tougher than others in dry
conditions. There is not much I can do about that as that is the way it is.
Links courses are known to play tough.

I have had comments about my courses ranging from putts are too tough, to
putts aren't hard enough. I have left my green slopes to my standards, as,
obviously, I have hit a medium for the good player (not hard enough) to the
average player (too hard). If I get too drastic, I will discourage the week-
end JNSE fan.

All you that comment about the generic background, I challenge you to
create a GOOD background for Ballybunion. I lack in true artistic, pixel by
pixel, VGA background developement, so lets see what you got!

I hope you enjoy Ballybunion (New) and let me hear your comments. As long
as they are reasonable, I'll act. If they are background and putt oriented, I
don't want to hear them!

Dan Raftery
On Demand for NECGA Members

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