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Great ball racing game...can be played over modem.
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Great ball racing game…can be played over modem.
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Aug 8, 1988

Initial Release of Ball Race 1.0

About one year has passed since the last release of Trek 2.8.
Response has been very poor, so version 3.0 is still on hold.
It will require about another 200 to 300 hours before it is
ready for release, so I decided to try a different type of
game that might have a more universal appeal. Over a three
year period, there were about 275 registrations for the various
versions of Trek. Of these registrations, only about 75 were
for the latest level, since 2.8 was released. As many people
have told me, why should somebody pay $10 for something that
they already "own".

This mailing is to the loyal supporters that registered for
one or another of the Trek series. It includes Trek 2.8 as
it was released as well as the new Ball Race game. You will
notice many similarities between the two games in the menus
and "look and feel". If Ball Race proves to be popular, I
will continue to make improvements based on your feedback.
You are welcome to place Ball Race Version 1.0 on Bulletin
Boards and give copies of it to friends.

Thanks again for your support,

Carl McLawhorn
700 MyLynn Dr
Wendell NC 27591

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