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* S O L E A U S O F T W A R E *

Ten Popular Soleau Software Games

Game Version Type Requires

Alpha Man v1.1 : Logic Puzzle Game EGA/VGA
Blind Wars v1.0 : Mouse War Simulation Game EGA/VGA & Mouse
Bolo Adventures I v2.0 : Logic Puzzle Maze Game EGA/VGA
Bolo Adventures II v2.0 : Logic Puzzle Maze Game EGA/VGA
Isle Wars v3.0 : Simulation Risk War Game EGA/VGA & Mouse
Ladder Man v1.0 : Strategy Logic Puzzle Game EGA/VGA
Mice Men v1.1 : Strategy Puzzle Maze Game EGA/VGA
OilCap v6.1 : Strategy Grid Puzzle Pipe Game EGA/VGA & Mouse
Quato v1.1 : Puzzle Word Strategy Game EGA/VGA & Hard Disk
Robix v1.1 : Puzzle Arcade Strategy Game EGA/VGA

ALPHA MAN v1.1 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $ 12.00
Soleau Software has created another new fun-filled strategy logic game.
Use Alpha Man to push your letter blocks into the proper places on the game
board to solve each of the 25 puzzles. The game is packed with features
and is written in beautiful EGA/VGA graphics. Simple to play, but not so
easy to solve. Alpha Man's a puzzler's delight!

BLIND WARS v1.0 Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse Reg. $12.00
Blind Wars is a strategy war game where the object is to conquer all the
cities on the game board. In this sequel to Soleau Software's Isle Wars,
the task becomes quite challenging because you cannot see the strength of
the opposing armies. It plays like 'Risk' yet adds elements such as
production centers, volcanic eruptions, floods, and much more! Options
include, sound toggle, save game, speed play and levels of difficulty.

BOLO ADVENTURES I v2.0 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $12.00
Bolo Adventures is a mind boggling strategy game where the objective is to
get Mr. Bolo out of 40 rooms of puzzles. Each room is filled with
obstacles such as monsters, lasers, electric grills and more. Unlike
arcade games, Bolo Adventures isn't a contest of how fast you can acquire
carpal tunnel syndrome by hammering on your keyboard, it's a test of your

BOLO ADVENTURES II v2.0 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $12.00
The Bolo Adventures Series continues with this exciting sequel. Mr. Bolo
carries on his adventures through 40 more floors of mind bending logic
puzzles. New features and options have been added that will continue to
challenge all Bolo enthusiasts.

ISLE WARS v3.0 Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse Reg. $15.00
Never touch the keyboard as you try to conquer countries and continents in
your attempt to rule the world of Isle Wars. In this sequel to Soleau
Software's Battle for Atlantis, new features have been added such as air
moves, earthquakes, rebellions, floods, bonus cards, and production
centers. Options include, sound toggle, save game, score boards, speed
play and multiple levels of difficulty.

LADDER MAN v1.0 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $12.00
Ladder Man is a fun-filled, mind-bending game of logic, planning, and
problem solving that will have you up all night as you try to master
all 30 floors. Each room is filled with a maze of obstacles that you
use to create your own escape. Position balls, avoid water hazards,
and elude fires and other obstacles as you use your ladder to climb
up and out of a room. Ladder Man is a pure strategy game, a puzzler's

MICE MEN v1.1 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $12.00
Soleau Software has created another exciting fun-filled
animated strategy logic game. Try to push and pull columns
of cheese blocks to get your mice to the other end of the
maze before your computer opponent. Mice Men is packed
with features and written in stunning animated EGA/VGA
graphics. It's a addicting logic strategy game for the whole

OILCAP v6.1 Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse Reg. $12.00
Oilcap pits you against the clock as you try to contain the gushing oil by
creating a series of passages to control its flow. Quick thinking and
fast reflexes are essential in order to stay ahead of the onrushing oil.
Strategy is required to correctly place the oddly shaped links in order to
keep the oil flowing as long as possible. Oilcap is a four star game that
is a very addicting!

QUATO v1.1 Requires EGA/VGA & Hard Disk Reg. $12.00
Soleau Software has produced another unique strategy puzzle word game
for all ages. The objective is to push around letter tiles on a 5x5
game grid to spell as many words as you can within 3:00 minutes.
Your words are constantly being checked against a 80,000 word master
dictionary. The game is easy to play and fast paced. It offers
hours of entertainment for all ages.

ROBIX v1.1 Requires EGA/VGA Reg. $12.00
Robix is another logic puzzle game from Soleau Software. The objective
of this pure strategy game is to get your colored blocks to the bottom
of the game board by pushing entire rows either left or right. You can
play Robix against the computer or a friend. Written in beautiful EGA/VGA
graphics, it is both addictive and challenging.

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