Dec 122017
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Nice game – objective is to make ballons go as high as possible. Player must avoid hurricanes, wires, etc.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BALC_REG.DOC 2326 874 deflated
BALLOON1.JFT 8738 1834 deflated
BALLOON2.JFT 3298 345 deflated
BALLOONC.DOC 5971 2146 deflated
BALLOONC.EXE 78557 76880 deflated
BALLOONC.OV0 7672 3381 deflated
BALLOONC.OV1 42676 5577 deflated
BALLOONC.OV2 109 53 deflated
BALLOONC.OV3 2328 1142 deflated
SOLSOFT.DOC 5464 2083 deflated

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