Dec 152017
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BALL GAME II is a VGA game to manipulate a ball around a sort of maze collecting “gems” and once all gems are collected, exit on to the next level of play.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BALDOC.EXE 12308 11908 deflated
BALGAME2.001 35072 4534 deflated
BALGAME2.002 169659 151472 deflated
BALGAME2.003 6537 2766 deflated
BALGAME2.004 38641 33466 deflated
BALGAME2.EXE 21112 20694 deflated
CT-VOICE.DRV 2493 1799 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 191 146 deflated
LEVELS.BMA 6840 1660 deflated
LEVELS.DAF 6840 1634 deflated
LEVELS.DGE 6840 1343 deflated
LEVELS.MEA 6840 1313 deflated
LEVELS.MRS 6840 1414 deflated

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