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Flight Simulator 4.0 Boeing 737-500 module.
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Flight Simulator 4.0 Boeing 737-500 module.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
737_REF.SIM 363 297 deflated
B737-500 41842 22544 deflated
B737-500.AFX 20990 2691 deflated
B737-500.DOC 481 279 deflated
B737-500.SIM 363 303 deflated

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Contents of the B737-500.DOC file

This is my first attempt at creating a Plane with the new AAF.
I chose the Boeing 737 since it probably is one of the more common
aircraft in use by most of the carriers. I chose the 737-500 version
and gave it DELTA Air Lines colors.
Included are the AFX and ref.sim files, please feel free to modify
I am not to good at tweaking the Flight Model so if anyone can improve
on it please do!
Pete S.

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