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Auto factory/mine builder for VGA Planets v3.x.
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Auto factory/mine builder for VGA Planets v3.x.
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Contents of the AUTO.DOC file

Auto builder for VGA Planets 3

Version 3.01
Released Dec 6, 1993

Copyright By: Tim Wisseman
All rights reserved 1993

This is a FREEWARE utility for VGA Planets


This is a player utility, to be used along side PLANETS.EXE.

This program is run after UNPACK, but before MAKETURN.

This program can do four things:

Builds the MAXIMUM number of factories on all planets.

Builds mines on some planets.
This program will build 100 mineral mines on all planets that
have more then 500kt of any one of the 4 types of mineral
in the ground.

Builds defense outposts on some planets.
This program will build the maximum number of defence outposts
on all planets that have more the 20,000 colonist clans on the

Adjust the tax rates of all planets up or down 1% depending on
the happiness of the colonists and natives.
If the population is very happy the tax rate is raised by 1%.
If the population is getting unhappy the tax rate is dropped
by 1%.

The command line accepts a path like most other planets programs
and a series of control switches.

AUTO \planets\game1 /123456789abfmdt
^ ^ ^ ^^^^
| | | |
Path Switch | |
| The four build choices (fmdt)
The races to build for (123456789ab)

The for choices are done in the order that they are entered.

f = build factories
m = build mines
d = build defense
t = change tax rates

The above command line will build
factories (first)
mines (second)
defence (third)
and change the tax rates
for all 11 races on all planets.

1 = player 1
2 = player 2
3 = player 3
4 = player 4
5 = player 5
6 = player 6
7 = player 7
8 = player 8
9 = player 9
a = player 10
b = player 11


AUTO \planets\game1 /1ft

The above cammand line will build
& change the tax rates
for player 1 on all planets.

The output screen prints the set to codes:

m = building 1 mineral mine
d = building 1 defense outpost
f = building 1 factory
T = raise taxes 1%
t = lower taxes 1%


The reason this program was written was to help players that
have a great number of planets and don't want to spend the
time building factories, mines or defense outposts on every
planet as well has adjusting the tax rates.

This program must be run after PLANETS.EXE inserts the data
security codes into the data files. If this program is run
before the data security codes are in place nothing will
happen and you will get a harmless error message.

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