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Augusta "Masters" course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf. A great design downloaded originally from the Accolade BBS.
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Augusta “Masters” course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf. A great design downloaded originally from the Accolade BBS.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

COURSE: Augusta National

LOCATION: Augusta, Georgia

DESIGN: Designed for JNUG by Scott Chesney

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Thanks to Jay Johnson for use of the
beautiful red and white dogwood tree
and the short pine tree, both of which
I have used extensively. And speaking of
Jay, if you haven't played any of his
courses, you should. Melrose and and
Golden Valley are my personal favorites,
but all are excellent.

COMMENTS: I realize a lot of others may design Augusta due to
its hosting of the Masters and it's great popularity. I took
special care to design the course as accurately as possible,
using the New World Atlas of Golf and Golf Courses of the PGA
Tour as my sourcebooks for layouts. Whenever I had a picture
available, I did my best to make a true representation. In
particular, I worked hard to duplicate the famous holes (12,13,
and 16 especially).

The fairways at Augusta are quite wide and I have tried to stay
true to that reality here. The greens at Augusta can be the
toughest around, and I have made the greens hard here. Just as
in the real Masters, putting will spell the difference between a
great score and humiliation. To simulate the Master's as closely
as possible, I recommend you set the greens to play fast.

Be careful on your drive at 13. Be sure to look at the overhead
view carefully to note how far the creek extends into the
fairway. Trying to cut it too close can result in a definite
bath. Stay right and you will still have a chance to reach in

On 12, try and stay below the hole on your drive if you can.
Otherwise you will face a downhill putt that could roll into the
trap. Good luck on the course. By the way, Jack shot a 68 when
I toured with him on my final test of the course (as usual making
miraculous putts!). I welcome your comments and suggestions on
this course, as well as courses you might like to see in the
future. My handle on the Accolade Bulletin Board is Moto.

Hopefully, I will see and play some of your courses in the

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