Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : ATROBS10.ZIP
Filename : README.1ST

Output of file : README.1ST contained in archive : ATROBS10.ZIP

Included is a file called T-ROBOT.GIF which is a
picture of the robot design. You can view it with
any GIF veiwer (probably CSHOW). To see a more detailed
image, look at T-ROBOT2.GIF.
CSHOW and GIF are registered trademarks of CompuServe.

Also included is a file called T-ROBOTS.ICO which is
an icon for T-Robots for all you windows-lovers.

There should also be a file called COMMENTS.TXT, which
is a file containing comments by other T-robot users.
Feel free to read it for hints, and to make your own

Be sure to read what you can from the documentation.
There is a lot of useful info. If you keep most things
in mind, you can make an extremely efficient program.
Some of the sample robots are VERY good fighters, so
don't be discouraged. And what makes them good? Well,
they were written to take advantage of the speeds of
the various commands, for example.