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StratSys library expansion set 2. Contains 8 scenarios including revivsions of the 4 in library set 1. Requires StratSys v2.0 (ASTRAT20.ZIP).
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StratSys library expansion set 2. Contains 8 scenarios including revivsions of the 4 in library set 1. Requires StratSys v2.0 (ASTRAT20.ZIP).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASTRATL2.DOC 3839 1440 deflated
BLOCKS1.DAT 3199 170 deflated
BLUE.DAT 3050 46 deflated
BROWN.DAT 3050 45 deflated
BUGS1.BAT 20 20 stored
BUGS1.DAT 3160 222 deflated
BUGS1.SCN 566 233 deflated
BUGS1.UNT 145 87 deflated
CHECKS1.DAT 3420 240 deflated
CHECKS2.DAT 3214 220 deflated
CHESS.DAT 3183 209 deflated
CHESS1.BAT 21 21 stored
CHESS1.DAT 3183 209 deflated
CHESS1.MAP 4808 361 deflated
CHESS1.SCN 335 156 deflated
CHESS1.UNT 135 84 deflated
CHESS2.BAT 21 21 stored
CHESS2.DAT 3183 224 deflated
CHESS2.SCN 343 163 deflated
COMP1.DAT 3078 250 deflated
COMP1.UNT 151 86 deflated
COMPUTER.BAT 27 26 deflated
COMPUTER.SCN 435 191 deflated
CYBER2.DAT 3066 182 deflated
CYBER2.MAP 4808 357 deflated
FANT1.BAT 20 20 stored
FANT1.DAT 3139 295 deflated
FANT1.SCN 604 245 deflated
FANT1.UNT 168 97 deflated
GROUND1.MAP 4808 479 deflated
LAND3.DAT 3175 395 deflated
LAND4.DAT 3132 300 deflated
LAND5.DAT 3163 350 deflated
MAZE.MAP 4808 446 deflated
MESSY.MAP 4808 392 deflated
MODERN.BAT 21 21 stored
MODERN.SCN 596 237 deflated
MODERN.UNT 155 95 deflated
MODERN1.DAT 3111 280 deflated
RIVER1.MAP 4808 384 deflated
RIVER2.MAP 4808 481 deflated
SPACE1.BAT 21 21 stored
SPACE1.MAP 4808 364 deflated
SPACE1.SCN 343 171 deflated
SPSHIP1.DAT 3117 195 deflated
SPSHIP1.UNT 156 99 deflated
STARS1.DAT 3063 154 deflated
WEIRD.BAT 20 20 stored
WEIRD.SCN 613 266 deflated
WEIRD.UNT 164 108 deflated
WEIRD1.DAT 3136 272 deflated
WEIRD2.DAT 3136 267 deflated

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Contents of the ASTRATL2.DOC file

Jan, 1992

StratSys library 2. (6 scenarios)

"To bring you nice software that plays great
and is less filling on your hard drive."

Note that this file has some of the same stuff that was in library 1. These
are the new revised files. They have been modified. In order to play all
these scenarios properly you will need StratSys v2.0 or greater.

Included in this pack should be the following:

Unit icons:
Chess1.dat Chess peices with flat background.
Chess2.dat Chess peices with checker background.
SpShip1.dat Space ships.
Bugs1.dat Insects.
Comp1.dat Computer stuff!!!
Weird1.dat Player 1 icons for Weird.scn
Weird2.dat Player 2 icons for Weird.scn
Modern1.dat Present time war-forces!
Fant1.dat Fantasy peices.

Background Icons:
Checks1.dat Checker-board/chess-board background (small squares).
Checks2.dat Checker-board/chess-board background (big squares).
Stars1.dat Starry background, for space missions.
Land3.dat Another type of land.
Cyber2.dat You guessed it.. more grid-land.
Blocks.dat Blacks, holes, etc..
Land4.dat Yet another land set.
Land5.dat And even ANOTHER land set!!

Maps: New map to be used with chess and robots. A map for chess and robots. Map for the space scenario. Map for use with insects. Map used by Computer.SCN Walls everywhere!! A river!! And yet another one.

Spship1.unt Unit stats dor space-ships.
Chess.unt Unit stats for chess peices.
Bugs1.unt Unit stats for insects. Unit stats for Computers.
Weird.unt Unit stats for weird stuff.
Modern.unt Unit stats for modern stuff.
Fant1.unt Unit stats for fantasy game.

Chess1.scn Chess-war scenario "En Passant."
Chess2.scn Chess-war scenario "Grandmaster Grid Tournament."
Space1.scn Space-war scenario "The Peonix Cluster Massacre."
Bugs1.scn Insect scenario "A day in the garden."
Computer.scn Computer-world "Of Chips and Men."
Weird.scn Weird scenario "Encounter at Weird-Point."
Modern.scn Modern scenario "The River of Sweat."
Fant1.scn Fantasy scenario "The River of Magic."

Batch files:
Space1.bat Space-game batch file
Bugs1.bat Bug-war batch file.
Chess1.bat First chess scenario
Chess2.bat Second chess scenario..
Computer.bat Computer scenario.
Weird.bat Weird scenario.
Modern.bat Modern scenario.
Fant1.bat Fantasy scenario.


-Chess2.scn uses the checker-patterns for the background, and even though
it uses the large squares, you may find the screen dizzying to look at.
Also, you may find it hard to figure out what is rough terrain and what
is impassible. If you don't like the background, use a text editor to
change it. Look for "Checks2.dat" and change it to "cyber1.dat", and then
look for "Chess2.dat" and change it to "Chess1.dat". And right after
the first line insert the following numbers, one per line: 7 7 1
After that (if you can figure it out), the scenario will look a bit more
like Chess1.scn..

-All scenarios are intended for use with StratSys v2.0+, if you are still
using a version before 2.0, you will have to do quite a bit of file
editing to make them work, and they probably still won't look quite right.

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