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'* Establishment Of Proper Aquarium Lighting Per Calculations *
'* Based On Articles In FAMA 4/82, 12/82, and 1/83 *
'* By John Tullock & Kevin Osborne *
'* Program Written By Gary R. Strack *

The writing of this program was decided because of the mis-information regarding
proper aquarium even given by a majority of the tropical fish establishments because
they handle lighting that is designed to enhance the coloration of the tropical fish.

Those type of bulbs such as name brands like aqua-lite, sea-lux, or aqua-lux are
simular to the gro-lux type of flourescent bulb used for raising plants. These type
bulbs have a very poor lumen rating, poor CRI (Color Rendition Index) and are high
in the red spectrum area. The aquarium bulbs are excelent for growing plants in the
aquarium, provided you can place about 6 or 8 over the aquarium because of the lack
of lumen power.

In the years 34 years of my working with aquariums and tropical fish, I always felt
that the more natural the lighting was in the aquarium the healthier the enviroment
would be for both fish and plants. In my search for proper lighting, to date, there
is only one bulb that puts out sufficient power (lumens), meets the CRI of natural
light and follows closely to the natural color curve of daylight as we know it. That
bulb is the Vita-Light put out by Duro-Test Corporation located in North Bergen, N.J.
Phone (201)867-7000. The information provided is not a plug for them but for obtaining
information by the serious aquarist.

The program furnished is a very basic program done with Quick Basic and compiled into
an .EXE type program. The first thing that appears is the definitions for the various
terms necessary for understanding lighting.

Once that screen is left, the computer is looking for input information regarding the
aquarium you are working with. The entry fields are field protected and the left/right
arrow keys can be used in the event that a mistake in entry is made. Also by pressing
the escape key, an earier entry can be corrected.

This also holds true to the fluorescent light entry screen.

The program also allows the user to select whether a reflector will be used or not. The
calculations are different.

Any user having a problem with the program or would like to see changes or improvements
to the program may contact me.

Gary R. Strack
113 South Charlotte Street
Manheim, Pa. 17545

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