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Different Game. Arcade type, similiar to arcade game called TWIX.
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Different Game. Arcade type, similiar to arcade game called TWIX.
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AntiXonix Game By D. Pavlovsky

Effects By V. Gerasimov

1) Type ANTIX to start
2) Type in your name
3) Type in speed 1-9
4) Have fun

Instruction #4 is not optional as per communique from
the Bureau for the Control of the People's Nonproductive
Hours of the Central Committee of the Party.

< This where you start

^ The balls>
The object is to cut the
field into smaller and
smaller pieces, being
careful not to let the
the moving balls touch
your lines. Don't get
greedy! Keep the area
area you cut small...

^ You're safe from the balls on the
field while you're in the black area-
But watch out for the free roaming
balls! They're especially dangerous
when you're inside the field, because
you can't see them!

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