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A graphics game. You gather ant eggs and other items in the ant hill. Many levels of play.
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A graphics game. You gather ant eggs and other items in the ant hill. Many levels of play.
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Contents of the ANTHILL.DOC file

Ant Hill
volume 1 version 1.0
(c) copyright 1991 by Chris Busch

"Ants are small little harmless insects..."
Not in the Amazon! You are an explorer investigating the burning of the
Amazon Rain Forest. Many times you have heard the natives telling stories
of over grown menacing ants, as large as wolves! Curious, you ask a native
to lead you to one of the large ant hills. With much hesitation, he decides
to bring you only within sight of the hill. Swallowing, you venture down
into the depths...

Ant Hill Features:

- 640x350 16 color EGA graphics.
- Mouse support.
- Joystick support.
- Interrupt driven sound.
- Auto-timing or user controllable speed.
- High score screen.
- A nice helpful help screen.
- 10 intriguing "levels" to amuse the most serious professional.


You want to squish the black ants, but avoid the red ones. Be sure to
collect all the ant eggs, gems, and pick axes you can find. Use the pick axes
sparingly, it is unnecessary to break all the brittle walls. Don't rush!
Sometimes you have to wait a while for the thing to move way out of your way.
Most of all, have fun!

About the Author and the Program:

Chris Busch lives in Northfield, Minnesota with his family. He is 17
years old and has been programming for over five years. Chris attends
Northfield High School and works at a local grocery store, among his
various other activities.
This program was written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 ((c) by Borland
International), Chris's favorite programming language. Source code will
not be released.

Disclaimer: (I'm sorry but I must have the nitty-gritty)

In no event will the author be liable for any damages, including any lost
profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential loss or damages
arising out of the use or of the inability to use this program -- even if the
author has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The author will
in no event be held liable for direct, indirect, or incidental damages
resulting from the omission of any part of this product, including this
document. The author makes no warranties, either expressed or implied,
respecting the software, its quality, performance, merchantability, or
fitness for any particular purpose.


A limited license is granted to all users of this program, to make copies
of this program and distribute them to other users, on the following

1. The program and associated files may not be distributed in a
modified form.
2. No fees are to be collected from the distribution of the program
without written permission from the author.

This program is distributed with the following files:
ANTHILL.EXE -- The executable file for Ant Hill.
ANTHILL.IMG -- The file for image data.
ANTHILL.CKP -- The file for sprite data.
ANTHILL.LVL -- The file containing game-play data.
ANTHILL.DOC -- The file you are reading write now.
ANTHILL.HI -- The file containing the high scores (may or may not be
present, can be deleted to reset high scores).

System Requirements:

An IBM computer or compatible computer of any speed having at least a disk
drive. An EGA or EGA compatible board (VGA) is also required to display the
superb graphics. A mouse or a joystick is optional.

Last but not Least:

Ant Hill volume 1 is being distributed with the shareware concept in mind.
Where you the user may use this program on a "trial" basis and if you find it
enjoyable you should register it, for only $10. With the registration you
receive the secret password and your name will be placed on the author's
mailing list.

But wait! There is another volume of Ant Hill! But it can only be
obtained from directly from Chris Busch (remember my initials) for a very
minimal fee of $15.

Ant Hill Volume 2 features:

- The same enjoyable user interface!
- More levels!
- Invisible, illusionary, and many other walls!
- More thrilling sound effects!
- More creatures!
- Plus the ability to throw rocks!

By the way, if you register volume 1 and order volume 2 with the same
mailing you receive a special deal! Both for only $20, a savings of $5! It
seems my generosity contains no limits!

Please send registrations, checks, or questions to:

Chris Busch
32820 Embry Ave
Northfield, MN 55057

Many Thanks!

P.S. Remember what I told you? Type those to get past the final message.

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