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Plays 5 American Patriotic Anthems. Pretty good quality.
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Plays 5 American Patriotic Anthems. Pretty good quality.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AMERICA.EXE 15880 1642 deflated
ANTHEMS.LYR 7438 2619 deflated
ANTHEMS.TXT 2528 1190 deflated
FINLNDIA.EXE 10828 1160 deflated
SOUSA.EXE 35620 3667 deflated
SPANGLED.EXE 10348 1563 deflated
THISLAND.EXE 9748 1300 deflated
TISOF.EXE 5992 1125 deflated

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Contents of the ANTHEMS.TXT file


Five musical selections that have been used as the national anthem
of the United States or suggested as an alternate national anthem,
plus John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever", transcribed
for IBM-compatible personal computer without supplemental hardware
such as MIDI equipment. With on-screen lyrics.

*** CONTENTS ***

FINLNDIA.EXE Song of Peace - Finlandia
THISLAND.EXE This Land is Your Land
TISOF.EXE My Country 'Tis of Thee
AMERICA.EXE America the Beautiful
SPANGLED.EXE The Star Spangled Banner
SOUSA.EXE The Stars and Stripes Forever

ANTHEMS.LYR Complete lyrics in ASCII format
ANTHEMS.TXT General information

Files are playable on just about any IBM-compatible PC, from 8086
and 8088 through 386 (though there may be difficulty using 386
machines running at or above 25 Hz). No special parameters have to
be determined or used: the files adjust their speed automatically.

The quality of the sound will vary from machine to machine depending
on speaker and other hardware configurations. IBM-brand PCs and
PC-XTs are particularly unsatisfactory, though PS/2s are quite good.

All files were compiled using Pianoman 4.0 software and thus have
a number of advantages over other music generated for PC without
MIDI equipment. First the user can stop execution at any time by
pressing any key. Next, the files present esthetically satisfying
screens (here, lyrics). They do not require the presence of
external software to run. Also, the pieces run much longer and
incorporate more harmonic parts. They were easier to record and
will run on a broader spectrum of equipment (such as 8088).

* * * *

If you like these files and would like to see more of them, please
send the author $1 in acknowledgement. For a fee of $5/disk, also
available from the author are: Pianoman Goes Bach (formerly 1-2-3
Bach), Pianoman Goes Baroque, Pianoman Does Beethoven, and Christmas
Concerts, and a number of yet undistributed files.

Nancy Moran
607 Park Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
(c) 1989

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