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ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021


Copyright (c) 1988 by

George Moromisato

15 Whittier Road
Natick, MA 01760

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


1.0 INTRODUCTION...........................................2
2.0 SETTING UP THE GAME....................................3
3.0 STARTING A GAME........................................4
4.0 BASIC PLAY.............................................4
5.0 THE WINDOWS............................................5
6.0 COMMANDS...............................................8
7.0 SCENARIOS.............................................13
7.1 Reconstruction 4021...............................13
7.2 The Pirates of Jakarta............................13
7.3 The Four Princes..................................14
8.0 REFERENCE TABLES......................................16
9.0 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS...................................19
10.0 GLOSSARY.............................................21
But Wait, There's More....................................23

- 2 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


Welcome to Anacreon! You are about to make enemies of your
friends, challenge your tactical skills, and test the limits of
your restraint. Prepare yourself for the temptations of absolute

Anacreon is a highly detailed and challenging game in which you
have complete control of an entire galactic empire. This is much
more than a simple war game--players may arrange interstellar
trade routes, make treaties with other empires, control the
production of planets, and race against the enemy to create new
technologies and more destructive weapons. With the power of an
empire at hand it can be difficult to limit your aggressions.
Remember, diplomacy isn't fun but it gives you more time to plot
your revenge.

As the ruler of a multi-world empire you will have many difficult
decisions. Resources and policies in Anacreon empires must be
carefully balanced as in any real government. Will each world be
self-sufficient or will you implement an elaborate cargo route to
supply specialized worlds? If you chose the former you won't have
to worry about your worlds lacking materials, but if you chose
the latter each specialized world will be more efficient and
productive. You will have to decide how many worlds you will
devote to building ships, and how many to producing raw
materials. Or perhaps you will want to sacrifice some industrial
worlds in order to establish research universities. In any case
you will have to worry about how to defend your worlds. Poorly
defended worlds invite attack from other empires, but trying to
protect all your worlds may spread your forces too thin. And at
all times you will have to make sure that none of your worlds are
too unhappy, or else you'll risk a possible rebellion.

Of course, the real challenge will come from the other empires in
the galaxy. Each empire will be trying to build up their war
machine, always conquering more worlds and always building more
ships. You will have to insure that your empire is able to
respond to their challenge, either by undertaking your own
program of expansion or by strategically weakening your
opponents' military power. Treaties are always possible and
indeed it is often a good idea to join a weak empire fighting a
stronger one, but be careful--no imperial ruler will honor a
treaty that he or she does not believe will be of benefit.
Attacks against your neighbors will have to be planned carefully.
Even a weak empire can retaliate forcefully if your worlds are
not adequately defended.

- 3 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


The Anacreon demo comes in an .ARC file that contain the

ANACREON.EXE The actual program
ANACREON.TXT This manual
ANACREON.HLP The on-line help file
ANACREON.CNF The configuration file
JAKARTA.SCN An introductory scenario
PRINCES.SCN A more advanced scenario
INTRO.SCN The basic Anacreon scenario

Anacreon requires an IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible with at least
512K of memory and DOS 2.0 or higher. A hard disk is recommended.

When running the game you must place ANACREON.HLP and
ANACREON.CNF in the default directory. You can specify the
location of the .SCN files and any save files with the
command at the title screen. (If you do
not change anything, the program assumes that they are in the
default directory.)

If you're using two floppy-disks, you should put ANACREON.EXE,
ANACREON.HLP and ANACREON.CNF on one disk, and all .SCN and save
files on another. Then, you must set the scenario and save
directories to B:\


When you first type ANACREON at the DOS prompt you will be
greeted by a brief logo and then promptly placed at the title
screen. From here you can start new games, continue old ones, set
configurations, etc.

Since you don't have any saved games you should select Game> and choose one of the two scenarios given. After the
universe is created, you will be taken back to the title screen
from which you can select to start playing.

- 4 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


Anacreon is played in turns, each representing a year of time in
which the emperor or empress can issue commands and orders. On
any given year a player typically checks status and news reports,
deploys fleets around the empire, and possibly attacks an enemy
or independent world. Each conquered world can then be used to
build warships with which yet more worlds can be taken.

Any information needed by the player can usually be found on one
of the ten status windows. Each window is associated with a
particular function key for easy access. Pressing the key,
for example, brings up a map of the galaxy. Windows can be
brought up at any time.

Commands are issued using the menu bar at the top of the screen.
There are six menus, each of which can be accessed by pressing
the first letter of its name: Game, Empire, Worlds, Fleet, Build,
Ministry of War. Once a menu is activated, pressing the first
letter of the actual command will issue that command. For
example, pressing and then

will launch a probe; pressing
and will instruct a fleet to attack. A second way of
issuing commands is to use the cursor keys to move around and the
key to select a command.

- 5 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0



The help window provides on-line reference to charts and tables
that might be needed during play. The and keys
scroll through the different screens. The key brings up a
short index.

Close All Windows:

Since windows can be called at any point, they may cover up other
parts of the screen. Pressing will close all windows,
allowing you to see the screen underneath.

World Status:

This window has a line of information for every planet currently
scouted. The information listed is a follows:

PlntName: The name or coordinate of the planet. All coordinates
are cartesian with the capital as the origin. (i.e. 0,0 is the
capital; 0,10 is 10 sectors up; 10,0 is 10 sectors to the right.)

Sta (Status): The allegiance of the world. If the world is
independent, then "Ind" will be shown. Otherwise, the first three
letters of the name of the empire that owns the world will

C (Class): The environmental class of the planet. Some worlds
might be very earth-like and hospitable to human life, others may
be barren wastelands bathed in radiation. Clearly an emperor
would not make an agricultural world of the latter. (See
REFERENCE: World Class Table.)

Tl (Tech Level): The level of technological development on the
planet. This indicates whether the people are advanced enough to
build ships. (See REFERENCE: Technology Levels.)

T (Type): The industrial designation of the world. This
characteristic is set by the imperial ruler. He or she may
decide, for instance, to use the planet as a mineral mine, or a
ship-building world. (See REFERENCE: World Type Table.)

Pop (Population): The population of the world in billions. The
larger the population, the greater the industrial capacity of the

Eff (Efficiency): The bureaucratic efficiency. A measure the
administrative overhead, this characteristic affects every aspect
of a world. Low efficiency worlds will produce less, defend less
efficiently, and are more vulnerable to rebellion and

- 6 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

A (Ambrosia Addiction): In the full version of the game, worlds
may be addicted to ambrosia, a drug that increases worker
productivity. If the world is addicted, a "y" appears in this

Impt/Expt (Import/Export): A list of the raw materials that the
world is currently importing and exporting. This column is
related to the ISSP setting of a world, a feature found only in
the full version of the game. (Even then, ISSP is used only by
experienced players.)

Rev (Revolution Index): A measure of the dissatisfaction of the

no No chance of rebellion
Lo- Dissatisfaction
Lo+ Riots and demonstrations
Hi- Revolution likely
Hi+ Revolution imminent

Transports (jtn, trn): The number of jumptransports (jtn), and
transports (trn) on the world are listed here. Each transport can
carry 5 legions, 3 megatons of metals or chemicals, 2 megatons of
supplies, or 100 kilotons of ambrosia or trillum. A jumptransport
can carry 1/5 as much. When transferring supplies or soldiers to
transports the amounts held by each type of transport will be
printed on the screen.

Materials (amb...tri): The amount of raw materials on the world.
The materials are: ambrosia, chemicals, metals, supplies, and
trillum. Chemicals, metals, and trillum are used to build ships.
Supplies are general food-stuff consumed by the population.
Chemicals, metals, and supplies are measured in megatons.
Ambrosia and trillum are measured in kilotons.

Military Status:

The military status window is similar to world status but lists
only military information. The number of ships and defenses on
each planet is listed for all planets in the empire.
Additionally, you will have a rough idea of how many ships other
worlds have: "no" means that they have no ships of the type;
"yes-" means less than 500; "yes1" means between 501 and 1500;
"yes2" means between 1501 and 2500, etc.

Fleet Position:

The position and destination of all currently deployed fleets are
listed in this window. The following fields are also included:

Status: A fleet can be at destination or in transit. If in
transit, the number of years before the fleet reaches its
destination will also be listed.

- 7 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

Range: The number of years that the fleet can move before it runs
out of fuel. A fleet can only be refueled if there is trillum in
the sector, either on a planet or in another fleet, or if the
fleet is carrying trillum as cargo.

Fleet Composition:

This window list the composition of each fleet currently
deployed. For example, this window would tell you which of your
fleets is carrying metals, or where all your jumptransports are


This window will display all the events that have occurred while
the emperor or empress has slept. (The ruler of a galactic empire
must live for hundreds of years to be able to plan long-term
strategy. To this end, he or she is frozen in cryogenic
suspension for most of the time, awaking only for one month each
year to give orders.) The news window will contain reports of
rebellion, enemy attack, developments in technology, etc.

Empire Status:

If you know the location of another empire's capital, you will
have some information about its economic and military
capabilities. This window will display the following:

Tl (Tech Level): The tech level of the capital of the empire.
This is usually the highest tech level in the empire, and
determines what technologies it can have. For example, an empire
cannot build SRMs or LAMs (full version capabilities) until it is
at starship level. (See REFERENCE: Technology Table) Note: having
a certain tech LEVEL does not guarantee that you will have all
the technologies of the level. Once a level is reached, the
individual technologies (e.g. SRMs, starships) will be developed
individually. Only when an empire has developed all technologies
for a level will it advance to the next level.

Pln (Planets): The number of planets and starbases that the
empire has. This value is almost always unrelated to production,
and certainly not as important as population. It is, however, a
good indication of POTENTIAL production.

SInd (Ship Yard Index): This is a relative measure of the ship
production of an empire. For example, if an empire has an SInd of
2.0 and you have an SInd of 1.0, that empire is producing roughly
twice as many ships as you. Note: The SInd value is an economic
indicator that may or may not have a firm basis in reality. For
example, an empire could have a very high SInd, but produce very
few ships because it cannot get the metals to build them. Use
SInd as a guide only.

- 8 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

Pop (Population): The total population of the empire in billions.
This is another good indicator of production. The higher the
population, the greater the production of an empire.


This windows displays a list of all the names currently defined
by the player. See World/Name.


The map is one of the more useful windows in the game. Each
planet in the galaxy is shown as a letter representing the
world's type. For example, your capital will show up as an upper-
case "C"; a base planet shows up as a "b". (REFERENCE: World Type
Table for a complete list.) The map also shows the locations of
any nebulae (shaded purple regions) and any planets not yet
scouted ("p").

The coordinate system is always centered on your capital, and
conforms to standard cartesian coordinates: positive x is to the
left, positive y is towards the top. Each block on the map is one
square sector. Grid marks on the map indicate five sector blocks.

In the introductory scenarios, the galaxy is 21 sectors by 21
sectors, small enough to fit entirely in the window. In other
scenarios with bigger areas, you can use the cursor keys to
scroll the map.



Fleets can be disbanded and returned to orbit around a planet
using the Fleet/Abort command. The fleet must be in the same
sector as a world or another fleet.

Note: The ships are not lost when aborting a fleet, nor is the
fleet returned to the capital. The ships and cargo in the fleet
are simply placed on the world to which the fleet is aborted.

Fleet/Change Destination:

This command will set the destination for a given fleet. Fleets
move at different rates depending on their composition. In
general, fleets with only hunter-killers, jumpships, or
jumptransports will travel in jumpspace (hyperspace, warp speed,
etc.) at 10 sectors per year. Any fleet that includes fighters,
penetrators, starships, or transports, will travel one sector per

- 9 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


The empire exerts influence with fleets. Fleets are used to
attack other worlds and to transport materials within the empire.
Fleet/Deploy is used to form a fleet with the ships on a world or
in another fleet.

Once in the fleet transfer screen, the middle section of the
screen will display the number of ships in the fleet and the
number of ships on the ground. The cargo column on the far left
displays the amount of cargo space left in the fleet.

The following keys are available:

Move the cursor to select the type
of ship or material to transfer.

Moves all resources of the given
type from the ground to the fleet.
If the resource is a type of cargo
(i.e. not ships) then only as many
resources as will fit will be

Moves all resources of the given
type from the fleet to the ground.

Asks the player to input the number
of ships or materials to transfer.
Positive numbers will move
resources from the ground to the
fleet. Negative numbers will move
resources from the fleet to the

Completes the transfer. If cargo
space is negative (i.e. there's not
enough room on the transports) the
computer will state that the fleet
is not balanced.

Example: Suppose you wish to deploy a fleet from your capital
which has 100 jumpships and 200 jumptransports. The fleet
transfer screen will look like this:

fgt hkr jmp jtn ... ... Cargo
0 0 0 0 ... ... 0
0 0 100 200 ... ... 0

- 10 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

Using the left and right arrows keys to move to the jumpship
column (jmp) you would press the up arrow key to move all
jumpships from the ground to the fleet. Then, moving the cursor
to the jumptransport column (jtn) you would again press the up
arrow key to move the jumptransports up. Hitting would
complete the transfer.

Note: To see is a fleet has been deployed correctly, press .
To see what a fleet contains, press .


Probes are used to gather information about other worlds. Each
year an empire can send up to ten probes to different locations
around the galaxy. The following year, the probes will scout the
sector to which they were launched and all surrounding sectors.
Information returned by probes is displayed in the World Status
and Military Status windows.


The range column on the Fleet Position window shows the
number of years the a fleet can travel before running out of fuel
(trillum). A fleet can be refueled from any friendly world that
has trillum or from its own cargo.


The Fleet/Transfer command is used to move ships and cargo from a
fleet to a world or another fleet. The target world or fleet must
be in the same sector. Use the keys given in Fleet/Deploy to
transfer ships.

Game/Next Turn:

Game/Next Turn is used to end the turn and continue on to the
next player. Once all players have taken their turn, the next
year begins.

Game/Print Status:

The command will print-out a compressed status of all scouted
world on a line printer. All numbers given are in hundreds.
Otherwise, the print-out is similar to the World Status and
Military Status windows.

Ministry of War/Attack:

Once a fleet is deployed to an enemy world, the Ministry of
War/Attack command is used to attack the world.

- 11 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

The fleet will be split into several groups, each of which can
contain only one type of ship. Choosing standard configuration
will place all ships of a particular type in one group.
Otherwise, the player may specify how many ships are to be placed
in each group.

The goal of every fleet commander is to land transports on the
surface, but before that can be accomplished the fleet must pass
through four orbital shells: Deep space, high orbit, orbit, and
sub-orbit. At each orbit, groups must target all enemy ships,
destroy them, and then advance to the next orbit. (However, it is
sometimes advantageous to advance through an orbit's defenses,
although more severe damage will be sustained by the fleet.) The
following commands are available:

ngage Once all groups are targeted, this
command will carry out one round of

ove This command is used to move groups
through the orbits. For each group
left the computer will ask whether
it should tay,
dvance, or
etreat. A group can advance
through enemy ships, but both sides
will take more damage. Note: A move
command also carries out a round of

roup Status A brief status of all remaining
groups. Data includes number of
ships left, current orbit, and
current target.

arget This command assigns targets for
all groups. You can specify, for
example, that group 1 attack the
enemy fighters, and that group 2
attack the enemy jumpships.
Specifying a dash <-> as a target,
means that the group is defending
itself from attack.

etails After a round of fighting, this
command will display the number of
ships destroyed in each group by
the enemy.

etreat If the battle is hopeless, you may
decide to retreat your forces and
abort the attack.

- 12 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

Example: Suppose you wish to attack a world with a fleet
containing 100 jumpships, 200 jumptransports and 200 men. The
fleet will be split into two groups, one with 100 jumpships and
one with 200 jumptransports. Suppose further that the enemy world
has 500 fighters, 200 GDMs and 100 men.

The lower-left display in attack will show the number of enemy
ships in each orbit:

fighter squadrons: 50 50 100 200 100
hunter-killers: 0 0 0 0 0
jumpships: 0 0 0 0 0
jumptransport: 0 0 0 0 0

penetrators: 0 0 0 0 0
starships: 0 0 0 0 0

GDM: 200 def: 0 ion: 0
men: 100 nnj: 0 LAM: 0

There are 50 fighters in deep space, so you would target your
jumpship group to attack the fighters and your jumptransport
group to defend <->. Now, pressing ngage will carry-out the

After all fighters in deep space have been destroyed, you would
advance the jumpships to the next orbit. The jumptransports would
be left behind until all the enemy ships have been destroyed.

When the jumpships reach orbit, the GDMs will fire. Make sure
that all GDMs are destroyed before advancing the jumptransports.

WHen the jumpships have destroyed all the fighters in sub-orbit,
the jumptransports would be advanced all the way to the ground.
Once on the ground, Ground Assault Troops from your
jumptransports would form a group and attack the men on the

World/Close Up:

This command brings up the military and economic data for a given
world. This data is also available in the World Status and
Military Status windows. Any historical notes or special
descriptions can also be found here.


Once a world has been conquered, the empire can determine what
its principal industry will be. World/Designate will redistribute
the industry of a world to conform to the desires of the emperor
or empress.

- 13 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


Worlds can be named so that the emperor or empress doesn't have
to remember coordinates. For example, the capital (0,0) can be
named Home, or Earth, or whatever. Note: Fleets can be renamed
using this command.

World/Remove Name

This command deletes a name from the list.

- 14 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


7.1 Reconstruction 4021

This is the basic Anacreon scenario and one of the most enjoyable
when played with multiple empires. It is four millennia after the
collapse of the last great inter-galactic empire. Each player is
the ruler of a fledgling empire consisting of only one planet and
low technology. An entire galaxy waits to be conquered; ocean
worlds, independent civilizations, ice worlds, desert planets,
and perhaps the ruins of some ancient civilization, holding the
secrets to advanced technologies.

This may be played with one to four players, but is best when
played with two or more. Here are some strategies which may be
useful in developing an empire:

- How aggressive should you be? All joking aside, it depends on
the other players. If you are playing with a group of beginners,
the idea of being non-aggressive has probably not occurred to
them yet. An aggressive playing style may weaken them before they
are able to adequately defend themselves. Aggressiveness against
independent planets also helps build up one's forces quickly, but
remember that once you have captured a planet it must be
defended. Losing planets causes great dissatisfaction amongst
your subjects.

- What should planets be designated? In the beginning most
planets tend to be self-sufficient, therefore it is wise to
immediately designate a few ship-producing planets (preferably
jumpships.) As planets increase in efficiency, they will begin to
use up incredible amounts of metals. After a few years it may be
necessary to designate a world or two as a metal or raw materials
mine. (Raw material mines produce fuel and chemicals as well as
metal, but these are usually not a problem until later.)

- How do you gain technology? Well, a little luck and a lot of
waiting will do the trick, but the clever player will designate
one planet as a university world. This will substantially
increase your chances of gaining new technologies, but make sure
the planet has a tech level equal or greater to that of your
capital or no advantage will be gained.

- Who to ally with? Who to attack? A good rule of thumb is to
always ally with the weaker empire against the stronger one.
Remember that there are few scruples used in the conquest of
galaxies--if you ally with a stronger empire you will simply be
the last empire they turn against.

- 15 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

7.2 The Pirates of Jakarta

Anacreon is a game system with rules and guidelines; the actual
conflict between empires and the initial military and economic
power of each player is determined by the scenario. Although this
demo has only three scenarios, the full version of Anacreon
includes many scenarios and allows you to write your own.

The Pirates of Jakarta is an introductory scenario in which you
(and possibly another player) attempt to build up an empire
strong enough to challenge and conquer the planet of Jakarta.
Although you will have only a few ships initially, by conquering
the surrounding worlds and designating them to build warships,
you will steadily increase your power. At first your progress
will be unimpeded, but as the Jakartan pirates build more ships,
you will have to worry about defending your transport fleets.
Eventually, as your empire grows more powerful, you will be able
to conquer the pirate capital itself.

Here are a few hints about the scenario:

Hunter-Killer Fleets: The Jakartan pirates often use hunter-
killer fleets which are completely invisible to your scanners.
There is no defense against these, except to bring warships along
with your transports. (The full version of Anacreon allows you to
build outposts which can detect hunter-killers.)

The Nebula: Jakarta is hidden somewhere in the nebula. If you
send probes to the nebula, remember that each can scan one sector
around its destination. Also, beware of Jakartan mine fields
which will destroy jumpships in transit.

Relics: If you can find the old Charlatt military base, you might
find some ancient warships, forgotten after the wars, that could
be used by your empire.

- 16 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

7.3 The Four Princes

This scenario takes place three-thousand five-hundred years after
the collapse of the First Empire. In this era, the Spinward
Alliance is at the peak of its power, its military, economic, and
intellectual influence touch all worlds within a thousand light-
years. Near the edge of this great empire, the Erewohl Region is
ruled by four feuding princes, each one determined to forge a
great empire. As the scenario starts, the four rulers are equally
balanced, each one poised to strike at another, but only held
back by the fear of concerted retaliation.

The empires have the following capabilities:

Empire 1: This empire, at the upper-left corner of the sector, is
militarily strong, but has a weak industrial capacity. Although
it has fewer ships than empire 2, its modern fleet is composed of
more powerful ships (penetrators and hunter-killers). It has a
technological advantage over all empires except the central one.

Empire 2: This empire is located at the upper-right corner of the
sector and is known for its aggressiveness and military power. At
the start of the scenario it is the most powerful empire,
possessing over 35,000 jumpships. Its industrial production is
second only to the third empire.

Empire 3: The youngest of the four, this empire controls an
ancient industrial complex. Although it is initially the weakest
military power, its production is far greater than any other's.
This empire is located at the lower-left corner of the sector.

Empire 4: The central empire is the most powerful military force
in the sector and feared by all others because of its massive
starship fleet. The slow nature of these giant ships, however,
make them less ideal for the hit-and-run tactics of jumpfleets.
Because the empire borders three others, it has an extensive
field of mines protecting its capital.

- 17 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


Technology Levels

The tech level of a world is a measure of its technological
capabilities. The table below lists the base tech level required
for each technology. For example, a jump level base planet can
make jumpships but not hunter-killers.

Technology Table

Tech level Technologies
Pre-Technological supplies
Primitive men, metals
Pre-Atomic Level chemicals
Atomic Level GDMs, trillum
Pre-Warp Level fighters
Warp Level transports
Jump Level ion cannons, jumpships,
Bio-Technology Level defense satellites, hunter-killers,
penetrators, ambrosia,
Starship Level LAMs, starships, ninjas, SRMs,
industrial complexes,
command bases
Pre-gate Level fortresses, warp links
Gate Level gates

- 18 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

World Class

The class of a world is an indication of its environment, whether
barren or poisonous, harsh or hospitable. The table below lists
the types of industries that are at an advantage or disadvantage
for each world class.

World Class Table

Symb Class Advantages Disadvantages
A Ambrosia Bio Mining/Trillum
a Arid (none) Chemical/Agrc
0 Artificial Ship Yards Chemical/Mining/
B Barren Mining/Trillum Chemical/Agrc
j Class J Chemical/Mining Trillum
k Class K Mining Chemical
l Class L Trillum Agrc
m Class m Agrc Trillum
D Desert Trillum Chemical/Mining/
E Earth-Like (none) (none)
F Forest Chemical/Agrc (none)
G Gas Giant Chemical/ Mining/Agrc/Trillum
Ship Yards

h Hostile (none) (none)
I Ice (none) Chemical/Mining
J Jungle Chemical/Agrc (none)
O Ocean Chemical/Agrc Mining/Trillum
1 Paradise Bio/Chemical/ (none)
P Poisonous Chemical Mining/Agrc/Trillum
2 Ruins (none) (none)
U Underground Mining/Trillum Agrc
V Volcanic Chemical/Mining Agrc

- 19 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

World Type

The type of a world determines its principal industry. An emperor
or empress can Designate a world to be a particular type, thus
controlling its industrial output.

World Type Table

Type Principal Industry
Agricultural Agrc
Ambrosia Bio (ambrosia)
Base planet Ship Yard (general)
Capital Ship Yard (general)
Chemical Chemical
Independent Ship Yard (general)
Jumpship Base Ship Yard (jumpship)
Mine Mining
Ninja Base Bio (ninja)
Outpost (none)
Raw Material Chemical/Mining/Trillum
Research University (none)
Starship Base Ship Yard (starship)
Transport Base Ship Yard (transport)
Trillum Mine Trillum

- 20 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


Q: How do I start a game?

A: Type ANACREON at the DOS prompt. When you reach the title
screen, pull down the menu and select .
Choose an appropriate scenario ("The Pirates of Jakarta" is a
good introductory solo game.) After the universe is created
and you return to the title screen, select .

Q: How do I quit the game?

A: If you are at the title screen, simply select . If
you are in the game proper, first end your turn with
. When the computer asks you for your
password, press to return to the title screen. Now
select .

Q: How do I conquer a world?

A: First you have to deploy a fleet to the world that you want to
conquer. (If you've just started, make sure that you don't try
to conquer a world that's too powerful. Try conquering a world
that is pre-warp or lower.) Once you've done that, select
, and use the default configuration.
You fleet is now divided into different groups, one group for
each type of ships. The arget command will choose the type
of the enemy ships that you want to attack. For example, you
can tell your jumpships to attack the enemy fighters and your
fighters to attack the enemy GDMs. The ngage command will
carry-out an attack, you and the enemy will lose ships. The
ove command is used to move your groups towards the planet.
Hitting ove is like hitting ngage, so be sure that your
groups are targeted properly. The ove command gives you the
option to
dvance your group, etreat (if not at highest
orbit), or tay in the current orbit. The object of the
attack is to land your transports on the ground.

Q: My worlds are running out of metals, what do I do?

A: If you have a metal mine or raw material mine that has enough
metals, simply send a fleet of transports to that world, pick
up some metals, and distribute the metals to other worlds. If
you don't have metals anywhere in the empire, you may have to
designate a metal mine. Don't forget that it take several
years for a newly designated world to begin full production.

- 21 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

Q: Why should I designate my worlds?

A: The designate command is used to tell your worlds what to
produce. If you want a world to make ships, for example, you
should designate it a base planet, jump base, or starship
base. Remember that not all worlds are suitable for all
designations (See REFERENCE: World Class Table.)

Q: I want to make a world a base planet, but the option does not
appear on the menu.

A: The designations that a world can have depend on the tech
level of the world. Atomic worlds and lower, for instance,
cannot be base planets.

Q: Why isn't my capital building any hunter-killers?

A: Even if your capital or another world is above jump level, you
will not build hunter-killers unless you have hunter-killer
technology. If your are bio-tech level, you are advanced
enough to develop hunter-killer technology; you just have to
wait until your capital develops it. If you have a university
world, your chances of developing a technology increase.

- 22 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


AMBROSIA: Ambrosia is a rare drug that increases worker
productivity. Unfortunately, it is also highly addictive and
causes severe psychosis on withdrawal.

CHEMICALS: Chemicals are used to build ships and defenses.
Chemical (type c) and raw material (type r) worlds produce

CLASS: The class of a world is an indication of its environment.
Some worlds are barren and lifeless, making human habitation
difficult, others are fertile and hospitable to life. The
class of a world will affect different industries. For
example, a barren world is not ideal for agriculture; an ocean
world is poor as a metal mine, etc. (See REFERENCE: World
Class Table)

DESIGNATION: A world in an empire can be designated to produce a
specific resource according to the wishes of the emperor. The
type of the world is changed by a designate command.

FIGHTER: A fighter group (fgt) is a squadron of sub-light
interceptors based on a small warp-carrier. They are small and
inexpensive, but possess only light firepower and no armor.
Fighters are the weakest kind of ship, but are particularly
vulnerable to GDMs and starships. Only base planets and
transport bases build these ships.

FLEET: A fleet is a group of ships and materials that acts as an
entity. You must deploy a fleet to move ships from world to
world, or to attack another world. Use the
command to deploy a fleet, the command to
move ships and material to and from a world, and Destination> to change the destination of a fleet.

GROUND DEFENSES: Advanced worlds ordinarily have a complement of
GDMs, ion cannons (ion), and defense satellites (def) to
defend against ground assault. Less advanced worlds will have
only GDMs. Fleets attacking these worlds must destroy these
defenses before they can land troops on the surface.

HUNTER-KILLER: Hunter-killers (hkr), like jumpships, can travel
ten sectors a year with their jumpdrives. A hunter-killer's
main advantage, however, is its invisibility to enemy
scanners. A fleet of hunter-killers will can only be detected
by sophisticated equipment found only on outposts and
starbases. Jump bases and base planets build theses ships.

- 23 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

JUMPSHIP: Jumpships (jmp) are medium sized warships equipped with
a jump generator. They can travel ten sectors per year and
possess modest armor and armaments. Jump bases and base
planets build these ships.

METALS: Metals (met) are needed to build ships and defenses, and
to build industry on a world. Metal mines (type m) and raw
material mines (type r) mine metals, but generally need an
initial input of metals to begin production. Metals, like all
other materials, can be carried on transports and

SUPPLIES: Supplies (sup) include the basic necessities of life
such as food and medicine. Although most planets are self-
sufficient, some may be too primitive to be able to support

STARSHIP: Starships (str) are the most powerful type of ships.
Although they are slow (1 sector per year) and very expensive
to build, they are unmatched in firepower and armor. Starship
bases and base planets build these ships.

TECH LEVEL: The technological base of knowledge of a planet can
be placed into different levels. Worlds that have just
discovered atomic theory are atomic level; world that
understand jumpspace are jump level, etc. The tech level of
the capital of an empire determines the level for the empire.

TRILLUM: Trillum (tri), a high-yield nuclear fuel is used to
build ships and power fleets. Trillum mines (type z) and raw
material worlds (type r) mine this important substance. When a
fleet is deployed it automatically takes as much fuel as it
can carry in its tanks, more trillum can be carried in their
cargo holds, however.

TYPE: The type of a world is an indication of its main industry.
For example, a jumpship base builds jumpships, a metal mine
mines metals. You can set the type of the worlds you own with
the World/Designate command.

- 24 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

But Wait, There's More...

Tired of getting attacked by invisible hunter-killer fleets? Do
you wish that you could increase the production of your worlds?
Wouldn't it be nice if those damn starships could move a little
faster? Well don't despair, now you too can be one of the
hundreds of billions of people who rule an empire using the full
version of Anacreon.

Here's what you get:

Outposts: Do you hate hunter-killer fleets? Just build an outpost
near your capital and see those fleets appear. Detects and scans
all enemy fleets within five sectors.

LAMs: Fleets are fine, but sometimes you need a rapid-strike
deployment to defend your worlds or take your enemy completely by
surprise. Long-range Attack Missiles can be fired at all enemy
fleets within five sectors. Be the envy of all major empires. Can
strike other worlds too!

Ambrosia: Too many ships is never enough. If you want to take
your SInd to the double digits, addict your worlds to ambrosia.
This sweet powdered drug increases worker productivity by 50%
with no adverse side affect. WARNING: This drug is highly
addictive and may cause severe psychosis on withdrawal.

Messages: Now you can have full interaction with other empires.
Send messages to all or some of the empires. Boast of your power;
broadcast warnings when enemy fleets get too close; plan strategy
with other empires in secret. There is no limit to what you can
do. Be careful, though, some messages might be intercepted by the
wrong party...

Links: Transports are so slow that it's sometimes better to let a
world starve. Jumptransports are fast enough, but too small to
support the needs of large worlds. Until recently there was no
answer to this dilemma, but now you can build a warp link
connecting different parts of your empire. Just put your fleet in
one end and it comes out the other end in ONE year. Works with
all major ship types including starships and transports.

Gates: Links are fine if you have to move metals around, but how
are you going to convince your enemy to let you build a link near
his or her capital? With a gate you don't need permission to
invade! Just put your fleet in the gate and be ready to attack
any part of the galaxy in ONE year. It takes fifteen years to
build, but the gains are worth the cost.

- 25 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0

SRMs: Now Jakarta won't be the only empire with mines! These
heavy duty Self-Replicating Mines can be placed around your major
planets. Avoid the surprise attack of jumpfleets. These mines
stop jumpfleets dead in their tracks, alerting you a year in
advance. Or why not be offensive and mine your enemy's trade
routes? With SRMs you're limited only by your imagination.

Plus much more: Command bases, fortresses, setting defenses,
trading technology, new kinds of nebula, full production and ISSP

The full version of Anacreon also features two essential playing

A Complete Manual: The soft-bound Anacreon manual is divided into
two parts, a beginners section that explains the basics of the
game, and an advanced section that details the fine elements of
strategy and tactics. Complete with dozens of charts and tables,
this volume is indispensable for the serious Anacreon player.

Full Scenario Control: Anacreon comes with many scenarios, but if
you want to create your own, you can follow the simple
instruction and read the complete scenario specifications. Make
your scenarios as simple or as complicated as you want, from a
basic war game to a challenging adventure game.

To order a copy of Anacreon send $49.95 check or money order to:

15 Whittier Rd.
Natick, MA 01760

(508) 655-5823

- 26 -

ANACREON: Reconstruction 4021 Demo Version 1.0


IBM PC/XT/AT Compatible with 512K and DOS 2.x or higher required.

Name: ________________________________________


City: _____________________ State:____________

Zip Code:____________

________ Copy(ies) of ANACREON at $49.95 each.

Total: _____________

Mass. Residents 5% Tax ($2.50 per copy): _____________

Total Enclosed: _____________

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