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This amusing little program draws mazes on your screen.
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This amusing little program draws mazes on your screen.
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Contents of the AMAZE.DOC file


Version 2.00


This amusing program draws mazes. To run it, enter:


The optional /B argument makes the program beep after mazes are completed.
You probably won't want this unless you draw extremely detailed mazes that take
a few minutes, and you want to be alerted when they're done.

When the program starts, it asks for the desired maze dimensions and
automatically adjusts for the type of graphics adapter you have. Enter the
dimensions, or zero to quit. If you enter nonzero dimensions, the program
draws the maze, and when done, waits for a keystroke. Press any key to draw
another maze or quit. That's all!

The larger the dimensions you enter, the more detailed the maze you'll
produce. Obviously, more detail requires more drawing time, but even with the
highest resolution, AMAZEMENT is pretty quick. Our experience is that most
people can't find their way through mazes with dimensions greater than 50-100,
so higher resolution is a pretty moot point, though AMAZEMENT does support it.

To abort the program at any time, press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break.

FOR PARENTS: Even if you're not a maze freak yourself, mazes are great for
keeping the kids occupied on long car trips. For the young ones, we suggest
dimensions of 20 or less.

FOR PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS: This is just the thing to keep your white rats
from getting bored!

FOR GARDENERS: If you've ever wanted to set up a hedge maze, AMAZEMENT
will get you started!


To print mazes, you must have a dot matrix or laser printer and a program
to put the screen image on paper. If you have an IBM compatible dot matrix
printer and a Color Graphics Adapter, you can use the program GRAPHICS.COM
that comes with DOS. Simply enter GRAPHICS before running AMAZEMENT. After
the maze is drawn, get your printer ready and press Shift-PrtSc (the "print
screen" key). If you did everything right, you should get a nice paper
copy of the maze.

If you have another type of graphics adapter or printer, you'll need a
print screen program specifically written for your hardware. There are a
number of good public domain programs that fit the bill. Check your local
computer users' group or electronic bulletin board.


You need the following to run AMAZEMENT:

MS-DOS or PC-DOS, version 2.0 or later
IBM PC, PS/2, or compatible machine
Graphics adapter


1. AMAZEMENT supports the MCGA, Hercules(R) Graphics Card, Graphics Card Plus,
Incolor Card, and 100% compatibles. However support for Hercules(R) & MCGA
adapters is experimental. Individuals using AMAZEMENT with either of these
adapters are encouraged to forward any comments to the author.

2. If you have a Hercules(R) card, you run the driver program MSHERC.COM
(supplied with this package) before using AMAZEMENT. We recommend loading
MSHERC.COM as part of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you have both a Hercules(R)
monochrome card and a color video card, use the argument /H with MSHERC.


AMAZEMENT reports the following exit codes to DOS (you can use these with
the ERRORLEVEL function in batch files):

0 Normal termination
1 Operator aborted
2 Error occurred


1.00 Original program
1.01 Fine tuned code to make it smaller
Made dimension input more foolproof
1.02 Fixed exit message bug
1.10 Made beep upon maze completion an option vice default
2.00 Fixed bug that made program use only half of CGA screen
Added support for Hercules(R) & MCGA


AMAZEMENT is a shareware program written in Microsoft C by Richard W.
Adams. It is copyright 1990 by Richard W. Adams. You may copy and distribute
AMAZEMENT freely, as long as you charge no fee other than a nominal one to
cover distribution costs. If you like and use AMAZEMENT, a contribution would
be appreciated (suggestion: $5.00). Your contributions give shareware authors
the incentive to develop new programs and improve old ones. Please send any
contributions or comments on AMAZEMENT to:

Richard W. Adams
104 Willow Oaks Boulevard
Hampton, VA 23669-1528

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