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Interesting brain-teaser type game.
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Interesting brain-teaser type game.
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Contents of the AMADO.DOC file

A M A D O v1.0

(C) Copyright YONG CHOI 1989,1990

AMADO is a creative mind teasing game. It is not only challenging
and stimulating, it exercises the brain as well. This unique game
will build the creativity of the user along with increasing brain
concentration while playing.

Match your scrambled board with the computer selected pattern in
the fewest possible movements.

IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible with a EGA or CGA and 256K of memory.

There are over one hundred computer generated patterns. These
patterns will be selected randomly after the end of each stage.

Arrow Keys - Move box cursor right, left, down, and up one square.
Esc - Exit to Main Menu.
" S " - Sound On/Off


Each box of the pattern is RED, BLUE, or YELLOW. You will be able
to move the box cursor to the adjacent box either vertically or
horizontally using arrow keys.

Rule 1 : Movement between two different colored boxes will change
the color of the destination box into the third color.

Rule 2 : There will be no change in colors when you move between
the same colored boxes.

Example ( Rule 1 ):
If you move from RED box to BLUE box, the BLUE box (destination box)
will become YELLOW box which is the third color.

R + B ==> R + Y
^ ^

Example ( Rule 2 ):
If you move from RED box to RED box, the destination RED box is still

R + R ==> R + R
^ ^


Insert the AMADO disk in Drive A. From the DOS prompt, type AMADO
and then press . You will see the following main menu after
the AMADO logo.

1. AMADO - Playing AMADO.
2. Discovery - Lets you practice and understand the concept.
3. Concept - Graphical Illustration of the AMADO concept.
4. Message - Message to the non-registered users.
5. Quit - Quits the program.

Playing AMADO :

If you press "1" from the main menu, the following menu will be

1. Level 1 - You have 70 seconds to complete each stage.
2. Level 2 - You have 55 seconds to complete each stage.
3. Level 3 - You have 45 seconds to complete each stage.

- After you select the skill level, press any key to start the game.

- Box cursor will appear on the upper left corner of your board.

- Move the box cursor horizontally or vertically and try to match
your scrambled board with a computer generated model board.

- If you match all the colors on your main board, you will be moved
to the next stage.

- If you fail to match all the colors on your main board to the model
board within the time limit, the computer will make checks for the
unmatched boxes and the same stage will be repeated again.

- In every 9th stage, you can gain 15 seconds bonus time by moving
the box cursor to "E" box.

- After successfully finishing the 9th stage, all the previous
9 stages will be displayed on the screen.

- Now you are ready for the next round with a reduced time limit.


After a trial period, users of AMADO are expected to become registered.
You may register by sending in the form below with a check.

A Registered Copy of AMADO & notice of future versions
will be sent to all registered users.

Registration Form

My check for $15 plus $2 for shipping is enclosed.

P.O.BOX 178096
Toledo, Ohio 43617

Name : __________________________

Address : ____________________________________





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