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ÈÍÍͼ presents ...

A L I V E S H A R K S 1.0

ALIVE SHARKS is an underwater action arcade game. You are the Frogman
and your mission is to collect and study rare marine creatures from the
bottom of the sea, while avoiding your dreadful foes. Well, it is not
going to be easy. Of course you are armed with your trusty Stun-gun
that tranquilizes your enemies for awhile, and you can always retreat
into your Electrosonic base that repels the sharks, the raybats and the
rest of your rivals. Your diving uniform is state of the art, but you
can survive only a few shark bites, and it is useless against the
deadly poison of the Killer-Jelly-fish.

This is not your typical " Shoot-them-up, Eat-the-Dots kind-of-game".
Your enemies are crafty and independent, they surround you in clever
formations and when you shoot at them from far away they are smart
enough to avoid your shots. The program utilizes Coloumb's law of
electrons and protons, Artificial Intelligence, Classic Animation
techniques and stunning graphics to transform your computer screen
into a realistic ocean floor. Also the user interface is simple to use.

ALIVE SHARKS 1.0 is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program,
then please become a registered user by sending $20 to ALIVE SOFTWARE.

REQUIREMENTS : IBM/PC/XT/AT or compatibles. 256 K of memory. Joystick
or Mouse are optional. CGA, EGA, EGA-MONO, Hercules graphics display.


1.................. DISCLAIMER
3.................. GETTING STARTED
4.................. OPERATION
6.................. REGISTRATION BENEFITS


This program is provided "as is" and it is without warranty of any kind
that it will work correctly in any or all situations. No liability
shall be assumed for direct or consequential damage caused by the use
of this software. The only claim ALIVE SOFTWARE makes is that there
are no intentional bugs or fatal errors in any original copy of the
program that you received directly from ALIVE SOFTWARE.


2.1 ALIVE SHARKS source code, object code, game library pictures and
manuals on paper or on disk, are (C) Copyright 1990 by ALIVE SOFTWARE.
Game Design by Bill Dedes 1990.

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2.2 PROGRAM CONTENT : You should have the following files.
1. ALIVE.DOC .......... Text, Other ALIVE SOFTWARE programs
2. README.DOC ......... Text, Important last minute information
3. REGISTER.DOC ....... Text, Registration form
4. SHARKS.DOC ......... Text, Documentation ( This file )
5. SHARKS.EXE ......... ALIVE SHARKS Program
6. SHARKS0.GDL ........ Graphics and data library.

2.3 DISTRIBUTION of this program is encouraged as long as the following
Shareware principles are observed: All of the above mentioned 6 files
should be included in the distributed disk and should not be altered in
any way. ALIVE SOFTWARE authorizes the distribution ONLY of the 6 above
mentioned files. Any additional games for ALIVE SHARKS will be shipped
to registered users, exclusively and directly by ALIVE SOFTWARE.

If archiving this program for BBS use or library use, please include
all files and use the name: SHARKS1,(ie: SHARKS1.ARC or SHARKS1.ZIP)
this will provide consistency for future updates.


FLOPPY DISK: To play from a Floppy Disk, copy all files to a floppy
disk, and at the DOS prompt type SHARKS . This will load the
program in memory.

HARD DISK: to install on a Hard Disk simply create a directory and copy
all files from the floppy disk to that directory of the Hard disk. The
following example assumes your Hard Disk is C and your Floppy is in
Drive A. Type the following :
C: ( Change current drive to C )
MD C:\SHARKS ( Create SHARKS subdirectory )
CD C:\SHARKS ( Change directory )
( Insert floppy disk in drive A )
COPY A:\*.* C:\SHARKS ( Copy files to Hard disk )
To start the program simply type SHARKS .

Then the installation menu will be displayed on the screen. Use the
arrow keys to move the highlighted bar to a menu entry you wish to
change and press . Then select a new item. Please note that
when using the keyboard, the "NUM LOCK" key must be OFF.

The installation menu has 5 entries :

1. START THE GAME, gets things started when the installation is done.
2. GRAPHICS CARD : The program will autodetect your graphics card. You
can however override this by selecting one of the other
entries. CGA, EGA Color, EGA-MONO, Hercules.
3. SOUND : When the sound is ON, you will be hearing music and sound
effects during the game play.
4. POINT : Activates the Keyboard, or the Mouse, or the Joystick. If
you plan to use the Joystick, it must be plugged in before
running SHARKS. Also If you plan to use the mouse, the
mouse driver must be loaded before running SHARKS.
5. EXIT TO DOS : Returns you back to the system.

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The very first time you run the program, and every time you change a
selection from the installation menu, the program will try to save your
choices in a configuration file called SHARKS.CFG, so next time you
run the program it 'll read this file back and remember what graph card
you have, if you want sound to be ON or OFF and what is your pointing
device preference. If the current disk is write-protected you will get
a "Write Protect Error Message", simply unprotect the disk and retry.
Press at the START THE GAME option, now you are ready to play.

After the installation is done you will see the opening screen of
ALIVE SHARKS. If the sound is ON, you will hear the opening music
theme, you can either listen to it, or you can press any key or mouse
button to start. Then the program will pick one of the available
games at random and begin a self-playing demo. It will keep the demo
going until you press a keyboard key, or a Mouse button, or a Joystick
button to start ( depending on what pointing device you are using )

Please note that file SHARKS0.GDL must be present in your current disk
and directory at all times, for this program to work.


You are the Frogman, a noted marine biologist, and your mission is to
collect rare marine creatures for study. You swim towards them and when
you are in contact you capture them. Then you must bring them back into
your cage. You receive 10 points for every creature you capture. You
must also avoid contact with your enemies. Your enemies range from
the benevolent Raybats, to the angry sharks, to the deadly Jelly-fish.

You can use in self defense your stun-gun that shoots tranquilizers.
Once hit, your enemy becomes disoriented and sinks down the bottom.
It remains inactive for several seconds, until the effect of the
tranquilizer wears off. Naturally a hit enemy becomes inactive, and
therefore it cannot bite you.

If you are in trouble you can always retreat in your steal cage. When
inside, you are protected from your enemies. Also once inside the cage,
a sonic generator will keep the enemies at a safe distance.

As you move up to higher levels the effect of the stun-gun wears off
faster, as your enemies get used to it, so after they are shot and hit
the bottom, they become active again in shorter periods of time. Also
in higher levels, your enemies become more numerous and more aggressive.
Finally remember that your enemies outnumber you, they are independent,
crafty and smart but you are smarter and faster.


When using the keyboard or the Joystick : At any time during the game
press to call the main menu, then use the arrow keys to move up
or down, press the or the key to select menu items,
or press again to skip a selection. "Num Lock" key must be OFF.
When using the Mouse: Click on the right button to call the main menu,
then click on the left button to select items, or click on the right
button again to skip a selection.

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: START : Gets things started.
: GAMES : ALIVE SHARKS 1.0 presently includes 3 games. Several
:------------: other games will be included in the next version.

* RAYBATS This is a training session game, recommended for
children and novice players. The raybats are harmless
and they do not bite, they just follow you closely.
Use this game to train yourself in maneuvering and to
practice shooting. In this game, your cage is moveable.
HINT: Relax and enjoy, Raybats is the game that you will always win.

* SHARKS This is a game of medium complexity. Your uniform can
only withstand 50 shark bites, after that you are shark food.
HINTS: Do not fire your stun-gun from far away, the sharks are smart
enough to see your shot coming and avoid it. Try to avoid contact
with them. Avoid screen corners, because the sharks will surround
you in clever formations.

* KILLER JELLY-FISH In this game you face the poisonous Killer Jelly-
fish, if they touch you once, you are doomed.
The pace of this game is purposely slow, but due to the fact that
there are so many Jelly-fish against you the complexity is tremendous.
Since the action is slow this becomes a game of logic that exercsizes
your mind more than your mechanical reflexes.
HINTS: Try to distract the jelly-fish away from the marine creature
you are trying to collect, then quickly move around them and pick it
up. Do not stay at the same spot for too long, once surrounded it
will become very difficult to escape.

** Please note that in order to encourage registration for ALIVE
SHARKS, RAYBATS and KILLER JELLY-FISH games are available only in
the registered version of the program. The shareware version will
simply show a demo of them. The SHARKS game however will perform
identically in both versions.

: SPEED : Controls the pace of the game. The program will
:------------: adjust the pace to your system's speed in most cases.
You may however wish to change the speed of the game to
fit your mood. For instance, novice players or children
might prefer a slower pace. Thrill-seekers or players
with very slow systems can try the VERY FAST speed.

: HELP : There is a brief help message to remind what keys or
:------------: buttons to press.

: DEMO : Will start a self-playing demo. You can watch the demo
:------------: to get an idea about the game play.

: QUIT : Allows you to end the game and return to DOS.
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Keyboard : Use the following keys to change the Frogman's direction.
The four Arrow keys and Home, End, PgUp, PgDn keys.

Home arrow PgUp
\ ^ / W
Right arrow <- + -> Left Arrow Z < > S
/ v \ Z
End Down PgDn Secondary keys
arrow For non-IBM keyboards

Once you press a key, the Frogman will maintain this direction until a
screen boundary in encountered or another direction key is pressed.
Press the to shoot. Press to call the menu.

Joystick : All of the above keys are active, plus you can use the
---------- joystick to move the Frogman. Also you may push any
joystick button to fire.

Mouse : Move the mouse slightly towards the direction you want to
-------- move. It might take a little of practice to perfect using
the mouse. Always remember that your mouse DOES NOT move the
Frogman, it simply changes his direction. Then the Frogman will
maintain this direction. Click on the Left button to fire, Click on
the Right button to call up the main menu.

4.4 SCORE.

You get 1 score point for every enemy you shoot down, 10 score points
for every marine creature you capture in the cage. Once you have
accumulated 100 points, you move to a more difficult level and you are
given a brand new uniform, so all previous bites are erased. There are
10 levels total. If you survive all 10 levels you win the game. On the
bottom left of the screen. BITE simply counts the number of bites you
have suffered. Raybats do not bite, your uniform can only take 50 Shark
bites and finally, if the poisonous Jelly-fish touches you are doomed.


If you have a printer, please print out and read the documentation file
SHARKS.DOC. Simply type: SHARKS.DOC PRN at the DOS prompt. The
opening music theme is Beethoven's "Albumblatt: Fur Elise", other music
cuts include, Mozart's "Symphony # 40", Rossini's "The William Tell
Overture", Bach's "TOCCATA AND FUGE IN D MINOR". Custom color Scanning
provided by 4SEE TECHNOLOGY. Call Free Access Graphics BBS 408-281-0995

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ALIVE SHARKS 1.0 is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program,
please become a registered user by sending $20 to ALIVE SOFTWARE.
List or print file REGISTER.DOC for more information.

* *
* * You will receive 2 floppy disks packed with the latest version *
* of this program and more FREE shareware from ALIVE SOFTWARE. *
* *
* * The next release will include several other games, and it will *
* look more like an action adventure game than an arcade game. *
* *
* * Technical support . Please write to : *
* You may send E-mail to the game designer, Bill Dedes at : *
* PRODIGY .... ID # RGCP92A *
* *
* *
* The registered version includes additional games: RAYBATS, and *
* KILLER JELLY-FISH. In the next version of the program we will *
* add several other games: MUTANT GOLD-FISH, PIRAHNA, CRAZY *
* OCTOPUS etc. Naturally, when registering you will receive the *
* latest version of ALIVE SHARKS. *
* *
* Remember this: Shareware is not only User-Supported but also *
* User-Defined software. If a few users request a change we will *
* implement it. Cast your vote by registering. *
* *
* ........................ *
* : P.O. BOX 4004 : *
* : SANTA CLARA,CA 95054 : *
* .................U.S.A.. *
* *

Please read file ALIVE.DOC for a list of other ALIVE SOFTWARE programs.

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