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Alpha Man

Programed by William Soleau
Version 1.0 (c) 1992

Requirements: EGA and Brain Power
Hard Disk Recommended

FILES needed: Alphaman.ov1 Alphaman.ov4
Alphaman.ov2 Alphaman.ov5
Alphaman.ov3 Alphaman.ov6

Welcome to Alpha Man. This game will test your problem solving
abilities, as you try to solve 25 word puzzles.


The object of the game is quite simple. Each puzzle has the
letters for the word located somewhere on the 7 x 11 grid
board. Each letter is contained in a block which when pushed
by your man, (Alpha Man), it will slide in that direction until
it either hits the side of the grid board or another block.
The object is to push all these letter blocks onto the
corresponding letters that are located somewhere else on the
game board.


When playing the game for the first time, the program will ask
you to create your own personal score card. There can be up to
five individual player cards. These personal score cards will
keep track of your number of moves, number of attempts, for each
word puzzle. When you solve a puzzle, it will be recorded as
*SOLVED* on your score card. If you have solved that puzzle
with the least amount of moves on record, then your initials and
scores for that word puzzle will be entered on the Best Scores


You control Alpha Man using the arrow keys. There is one Green
Block called the Master Block for each puzzle. This block does
not slide when pushed, it will move only one grid at a time when
pushed by Alpha Man. This Master Block can be positioned so that
the letter blocks, when pushed, will slide into it and can then be
strategically positioned into the right places on the grid board.

The concept is very easy, yet the actual solving of each puzzle
is quite difficult as you will soon discover.


To get you started, I have provided the solutions to the first 5
puzzle words. If you select one of the first 5 words, you can see
Alpha Man solve the puzzle for you by pressing the slution
button. However some might consider this cheating, but perhaps by
maybe letting Alpha Man solve puzzle #1, you can see how the game
is played. I have also included a take back move for those times
when you make a mistake that make the puzzle impossible to solve.
This take back move records only the last move made, so if you make
a mistake and want to take back your last move, then immediately
push the ake back key. This too, could be called cheating but
it's up to you whether or not you want to use it.

All the Key Definitions are shown on the screen at all times.
They are as follows:


indscape Introduces you to Soleau Software and its
est Scores Shows the Best Scores for the Word Puzzle
hange Players Allows you to change players and score cards.
uit Alpha Man



Alpha Man is another in a series of new games by Soleau
Software called Mindscape Games. These games are non-competitive
logic games which use problem solving skills as opposed to the
quick reflexes needed for arcade type games. Our company is
dedicated to producing the finest logic games marketed through

If you like the game and continue to use it, we request that
you register the game with us for $12.00. This registration will
not only speed up the loading and exiting of the program, but will
provide you with an additional 25 word puzzles and the solutions
to all 50! Information concerning the registration and on our
many other games can be found in the ALPHAREG.DOC file or at the
closing screen.

By registering this game with us, you instantly become a Soleau
Software Member. As a registered member you are entitled to
discounts on other Soleau Software and Special Bonus Package

We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope you
will continue to enjoy this as well as our other Shareware


William Soleau

Soleau Software

163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
NYC, NY. 10023

* * * * * * *

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