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Alien/Z Aliens (c) Based game. Excellent. Needs 8087 Coprocessor. Like H.
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Alien/Z Aliens (c) Based game. Excellent. Needs 8087 Coprocessor. Like H.
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Contents of the ALIENTIP.DOC file

Announcement Time: 02:39:48; Date: 11-08-1987.
Hello there...
-Mike Wolf
Announcement Time: 03:00:04; Date: 11-08-1987.
Hello is life ?
That's good, later...
The objects known as the ALIEN EGGS are very volatile. Be warned that evidence
concludes that they are very dangerous. It is not considered safe to approach
them under any circumstances.
The arrival of ALIEN INTRUDERS here on LV426 is highly unlikely. The creatures
alledgedly responsible for the recent multitude of deaths in the colony are
most likely from this planet. This does not mean that LV426 has indigenous
life, this is contra-indicated. Their exact origin is uncertain, however.
This is a final status report, to ALL people who enter this complex, be
forewarned. This place is not safe, it is infested with some form of viscious,
deadly alien life. We have all but been killed off...please, for your sake,
leave this place...
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, please come to the service complex, your laundry is
All colonists are instructed to attend a community meeting on the subject of
venerial disease. Children are to attend, as well as adults. Citizens who do
not attend will be given laundry service duty.
Weather report: tomorrow, clear and windy with a slight chance of meteors in
the southern quadrant (miners be so forewarned). Stellar scans report little
or no corriolis activity in this hemisphere, so no major hurricane is expected
for at least two weeks.
WARNING: The southern complex has been overrun with aliens. All surviving
colonists are to move towards the air converter tower sub-basements
as quickly as possible. This is a final warning.
Quote: Imagine if there's no Heaven, it's easy if you try, No Hell below
us and above us only Sky....
-John Lennon
NOTICE: The Syracuse Orangemen are now 9-0 as they kicked the Navy's ass
and will go on to beat Miami in the Orange Bowl. Thank you.
If you have a Tandy Computer or any other computer product from Radio Shack
then you will be put to death to protect the world.
Riddle: there are 2 doors. One door always lies and one door always tells
the truth. One of the doors leads to heaven and the other leads to
hell. What question can you ask one of the doors in order to figure
out the correct door to heaven?
If I asked the other door if this was the door
to heaven, what would he say? (If the door
answers yes, it is wrong and if it answers no,
then it is correct.)
This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been a real
emergency then you would have been notified where to tune in for informatio
n. This is ONLY A TEST
If anyone has any idea where the monthly shipment of toilet paper for the
sector four inhabitants disappeared to, they are best advised to say so
immediately. If not, it can only be said that the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms for
the Colony, the one responsible for assigning and carrying out punnishment of
colonial offenders, LIVES IN SECTOR FOUR.
It is now in the penal code; Any and all persons whose pets (whatever kind),
attempt to dig up or otherwise disturb Mrs. Ferguson's indoor botanical
garden will be severely reprimanded....
The lottery numbers for today:
458, 194, and 2
Pick 10:
Lucky 2:
12 and 34
The electronic-horse races sceduled for tonight have been postponed due to a
broken disk drive on the track computer...
Announcement Time: 03:34:29; Date: 11-08-1987.
Notice to all Colonists: The newest addition to the arcade in the entertain
ment complex is a spectacular game from local legend-programmer, Mike Wolf.
The game, although and unlikely scenario, is very realistic and challenging.
It is called ALIEN/Z. He has worked tirelessly on it and deserves a large
amount of credit for an awesome game.
A quote -

"LET'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!"

J. Vasquez
Okay,these two aliens walk into a bar,see...
Will all female un-married colonists please find Simon Grimbrand.
He is donating himself to protect all females from the viscious,
mean,nasty and generally not nice aliens.
After satifsying all bloodlust,call The Underground...764-20
65...10pm to 6am....
ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! An unknown Alien lifeform has been detected. I repeat
an unknown lifeform has been detected. It is to be considered Dangerous. I
If you knew how stupid you look walking around a few buildings carrying
a grenade launcer and an automatic rifle chasing after some ugly brat,
you'd kick yourself.
Hello all...just thought I'd see what was up...
-Mike Wolf
Send me a new Rifle!
It's pretty simple now, all you have to do is grab the kid and leave.
Well, now, think about it. It's not as easy as it looks. I mean think
about it this way...there's ONE kid. She always moves. She always
moves in random direction (typical woman). God, what a pain. She can
move thru walls and shit too. Now, what about the big mother alien
? Geez, what a bitch. I have yet to kill her. I've gotten the kid
alot of times, but the MOTHER ALIEN ? I have trouble finding her,
let alone killing her. Oh, well...later...
-Mike WOlf.
PS-Shit, I wrote this game, also !
Hello? Damn it Mike, I told you not to fool around with the equipment!
And What the Hell is that funny Mask you're wearing?
Sure looks real ... ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Attention: All colonists! 5 cases of Amphetamines are missing AGAIN.
This must stop by order of the base commander. That is all!
ALERT. ALERT. The mother alien life form is not damaged by standard hollow-
point ammunition...bullets. Do not use if you can help it.
They know where we are...we can't stop them any longer...please, for all of
your sakes, leave this place...head for the perimeter and keep going...go as
far away as fast as you can...there is no survival here, they come from the
walls and....
Just messin with the terminal....
Poets priest and politicians have word to thank for
their positions.
Words that scream for your submission.
--The Police--
I see a red door and
I want it painted black.
I can see the tire marks accross your back, hehe
Will the coordinator in charge of announcements please cut down how
often they come on!
They do tend to be distracting this often!
That is all!
Smoke em if you got em.
Hey MAMA, I'am going to get you Bitch......EB..
Do not step on the Alien's little egg-turds!
When you kill the big one, she doesn't die!!
She just keeps coming.... I killed her 4 times! She turns into {}
Send Help ( and a beer)

-The Grease
Hi there...
Hi there, again...
What the hell are you doing here ?

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