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Excellent Kong type of game, must have EGA.
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Excellent Kong type of game, must have EGA.
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Aldo's Adventure, version 1.2 18-Mar-90
Copyright (C) David and Benjamin Ibach 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990.
All rights reserved.

Requirements: PC/AT or PS2 (not model 30), PC-DOS / MS-DOS 2.0 or
later or OS/2 compatibility box, EGA or VGA with Color Display.


Aldo's Adventure is a graphics game exploiting the capabilities of the
IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter. It is a game of ladders, ramps, hazards,
and treasures, played on multiple boards sequentially.


Aldo's Adventure is NOT a public domain program, it is a ShareWare
product. If you choose to keep Aldo's Adventure, please send $15 to:

David Ibach
19553 Dartmouth Pl.
Northville, MI 48167

Once this fee is received, feel free to take future enhancements to
Aldo's Adventure as they appear on the network, at no cost. No
maintenance is anticipated for this product in this form, but enhance-
ments may include: sound effects, improved graphics, improved scoring.

Feel free to give a copy of Aldo's Adventure to friends and colleagues
to try. Please remind them that, if they choose to use Aldo's
Adventure, they must send a $15 fee to the author.

Thank you for supporting ShareWare!

Dave and Ben Ibach

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