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Design your own plane & flight characteristics for Advanced Flight Train.
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Design your own plane & flight characteristics for Advanced Flight Train.
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Contents of the AFSEDIT.DOC file


This program falls into the category of "freeware", or
"shareware". It is intended for use by flying enthusiasts who
own Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator and want to
customize their own airplanes.

This program should make it very easy to configure any of the
parameters found in the .FLY files.

All I ask is that the "Source of Authorship" screen not be
bypassed in the running or distribution of the program.

If you have any feedback in relation to this program, please feel
free to contact me at:
Dave Fisher
5131 E. 88th Court
Tulsa, OK 74137

For Floppy Disk users - Copy AFSEDIT.EXE onto your AFS diskette.

For Hard Disk users - Copy AFSEDIT.EXE into your AFS sub-
directory. (NOTE: See the info on
AFSFIXER for hard disk usage.)

The examples below assume hard disk usage, you should substitute
the appropriate disk drive letter is you are operating on floppy
Calling Sequence: C>AFSEDIT [ENTER]
or: C>AFSEDIT filename.FLY [ENTER]
Operation of the program is self-explanatory. Use your arrow
keys to move from one menu option to another. Once on a data
screen, you may use arrows or [ENTER] to move from one field to
another. When finished with a screen, press [ESC] to return to
the main menu. The last menu option allows you to save your file
and exit. You can also abandon the edits you have made at this
point. It is recommended that you begin with an existing
airplane that is close to the aircraft you intend to design and
work from there. Make a copy of the existing aircraft file to a
new file with a different name. Then, enter AFSEDIT and make
changes to the new file. For example:
I hope you enjoy AFSEDIT. If you design any new airplanes that
are interesting please share them with others. AFSFIXER is a
program that allows AFS to run on hard disk systems without the
key disk in drive A. It is available on many bulletin boards
around the country.

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