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The Origonal Colossus Adventure Advent, with C source code.
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The Origonal Colossus Adventure Advent, with C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADVCAVE.H 8047 2075 deflated
ADVDEC.H 2000 738 deflated
ADVDEF.H 1560 701 deflated
ADVENT.C 6410 2118 deflated
ADVENT.DOC 3328 1518 deflated
ADVENT.EXE 45824 22417 deflated
ADVENT.H 2567 1027 deflated
ADVENT.OBJ 25547 11916 deflated
ADVENT0.C 3523 820 deflated
ADVENT0.EXE 11776 6690 deflated
ADVENT1.TXT 18281 6063 deflated
ADVENT2.TXT 6453 1849 deflated
ADVENT3.TXT 5559 2172 deflated
ADVENT4.TXT 18179 7348 deflated
ADVTEXT.H 3251 1447 deflated
ADVWORD.H 5176 1739 deflated
CC.BAT 212 94 deflated
CCADV.BAT 1089 167 deflated
CLADV.BAT 76 72 deflated
CRC.TXT 1992 689 deflated
CRCK4.COM 1536 1157 deflated
DATABASE.C 6751 2475 deflated
DATABASE.OBJ 5241 2840 deflated
ENGLISH.C 3181 1284 deflated
ENGLISH.OBJ 2619 1586 deflated
ITVERB.C 4219 1552 deflated
ITVERB.OBJ 3727 2152 deflated
STDIO.H 896 385 deflated
TURN.C 15605 5076 deflated
TURN.OBJ 12397 6487 deflated
VERB.C 13035 3612 deflated
VERB.OBJ 10553 5332 deflated

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Contents of the ADVENT.DOC file

12 JUNE 1984

Notes on ADVENTURE (for IBM PC)

The ADVENTURE game requires one single sided drive & 96K of
memory. The system file "CONFIG.SYS" contain the
the two statements, "BUFFERS=10" and "FILES=10". The following
files MUST reside on the default drive:


The game may be started by typing "ADVENT".
A saved game may be restarted by typing "ADVENT -r".
Debug data will be output by typing "ADVENT -d -d -d".

The ADVENTURE game source files are either, header, code or
text files.

ADVENT.C- initialization, save game, restore game
ENGLISH.C- interpret game player's commands
DATABASE.C- text file management & output
ITVERB.C- intransitive verbs execution
VERB.C- transitive verbs execution
TURN.C- analysis & execution of player's command

ADVENT0.C- utility to create "ADVTEXT.H" file
ADVENT1.TXT- long cave description
ADVENT2.TXT- short cave description
ADVENT3.TXT- long & short object description
ADVENT4.TXT- conversational descriptions & responses
ADVENT.DOC- this ADVENTURE documentation file

STDIO.H- standard i/o header
ADVENT.H- #define & structure statements
ADVWORD.H- words & codes array
ADVCAVE.H- cave & travel arrays
ADVTEXT.H- TXT file message indexes
ADVDEF.H- data constants & variables definitions
ADVDEC.H- data constants & variables declarations

The TXT files are the ASCII text messages used throughout the
game. They may be modified ONLY if you have the utility
program, "ADVENT0.EXE" or the source "ADVENT0.C". This program
creates the header file "ADVTEXT.H" which is "#include"d into
"ADVENT.C" during compilation. After ANY changes to the "TXT"
files, recreate a new "ADVTEXT.H" file. Make sure that the
four "TXT" files and the utility "ADVENT0.EXE" are on the
default drive, then type "ADVENT0".

The game was translated from BDS C to CII C86 and standardized
as per UNIX standard i/o library functions. The following
changes were instituted:

0) UNIX standard i/o
1) "include"d header files & "extern"al statements added
2) cave/travel data arrays are now internal
3) word/code data arrays are now internal
4) TXT message index arrays are now internal
5) TXT file format doesn't require # terminator character
6) save & restore game overlays intergrated with "ADVENT.C"
7) word/code syntax parsing optimized in "ENGLISH.C"
8) TXT message indexing & output optimized in "DATABASE.C"
9) TXT message typos corrected
A) created "ADVENT0.C" utility (cf. #1, #4 & #5)
B) created "ADVENT.DOC" documentation file

Compile with CII C OPTIMIZING C86 version 2.10+, via:

CC1 filename
CC2 filename -u
CC3 filename
CC4 filename

Link with the standard PC-DOS linker, via:


The modifications described above were implemented by:
Jerry D. Pohl
1922 Junction Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 298-1262 / (408) 298-3185(both 8..6, m..f)

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