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/Set of keys.
/There are some keys on the ground here.
/Brass lantern
/There is a shiny brass lamp nearby.
/There is a lamp shining nearby.
/The grate is locked.
/The grate is open.
/Wicker cage
/There is a small wicker cage discarded nearby.
/Black rod
/A three foot black rod with a rusty star on an end lies nearby.
/Black rod
/A three foot black rod with a rusty mark on an end lies nearby.
/Rough stone steps lead down the pit.
/Rough stone steps lead up the dome.
/Little bird in cage
/A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.
/There is a little bird in the cage.
/*Rusty door
/The way north is barred by a massive, rusty, iron door.
/The way north leads through a massive, rusty, iron door.
/Velvet pillow
/A small velvet pillow lies on the floor.
/A huge green fierce snake bars the way!
//A crystal bridge now spans the fissure.
/The crystal bridge has vanished!
/*Stone tablet
/A massive stone tablet imbedded in the wall reads:
"Congratulations on bringing light into the dark-room!"
/Giant clam >Grunt!<
/There is an enormous clam here with its shell tightly closed.
/Giant oyster >Groan!<
/There is an enormous oyster here with its shell tightly closed.
/Interesting. There seems to be something written on the
underside of the oyster.
/"Spelunker Today"
/There are a few recent issues of "Spelunker Today" magazine
/Tasty food
/There is tasty food here.
/Small bottle
/There is a bottle of water here.
/There is an empty bottle here.
/There is a bottle of oil here.
/Water in the bottle.
/Oil in the bottle
/There is a tiny little plant in the pit, murmuring
"Water, Water, ..."
/The plant spurts into furious growth for a few seconds.
/There is a 12-foot-tall beanstalk stretching up out of
the pit, bellowing "Water!! Water!!"
/The plant grows explosively, almost filling the bottom
of the pit.
/There is a gigantic beanstalk stretching all the way
up to the hole.
/You've over-watered the plant! It's shriveling up!
It's, It's...
/*Phony plant
/The top of a 12-foot-tall beanstalk is poking up out of
the west pit.
/There is a huge beanstalk growing out of the west pit up to
the hole.
/*Shadowy figure
/The shadowy figure seems to be trying to attract your attention.
/Dwarf's axe
/There is a little axe here.
/There is a little axe lying beside the bear.
/*Cave drawings
/A huge green fierce dragon bars the way!
/Congratulations! You have just vanquished a dragon with
your bare hands! (Unbelievable, Isn't it?)
/The body of a huge green dead dragon is lying off to one
/A rickety wooden bridge extends across the chasm, vanishing
into the mist. A sign posted on the bridge reads:
"Stop! Pay Troll!"
/The wreckage of a bridge (and a dead bear) can be seen
at the bottom of the chasm.
/A burly troll stands by the bridge and insists you throw
him a treasure before you may cross.
/The troll steps out from beneath the bridge and blocks
your way.
/*Phony troll
/The troll is nowhere to be seen.
//There is a ferocious cave bear eyeing you from the far
end of the room!
/There is a gentle cave bear sitting placidly in one corner.
/There is a contented-looking bear wandering about nearby.
/*Message in second maze
/There is a message scrawled in the dust in a flowery script,
"This is not the maze where the"
"pirate leaves his treasure chest"
/*Volcano and,or Geyser
/*Vending machine
/There is a massive vending machine here. The instructions
on it read:
"Drop coins here to receive fresh batteries."
/There are fresh batteries here.
/Some worn-out batteries have been discarded nearby.
/*Carpet and,or moss
/Large gold nugget
/There is a large sparkling nugget of gold here!
/Several diamonds
/There are diamonds here!
/Bars of silver
/There are bars of silver here!
/Precious jewelry
/There is precious jewelry here!
/Rare coins
/There are many coins here!
/Treasure chest
/The pirate's treasure chest is here!
/Golden eggs
/There is a large nest here, full of golden eggs!
/The nest of golden eggs has vanished!
/Jeweled trident
/There is a jewel-encrusted trident here!
/Ming vase
/There is a delicate, precious, ming vase here!
/The vase is now resting, delicately, on a velvet pillow.
/The floor is littered with worthless shards of pottery.
/The ming vase drops with a delicate crash.
/Egg-sized emerald
/There is an emerald here the size of a plover's egg!
/Platinum pyramid
/There is a platinum pyramid here, 8 inches on a side!
/Glistening pearl
/Off to one side lies a glistening pearl!
/Persian rug
/There is a persian rug spread out on the floor!
/The dragon is sprawled out on a persian rug!!
/Rare spices
/There are rare spices here!
/Golden chain
/There is a golden chain lying in a heap on the floor!
/The bear is locked to the wall with a golden chain!
/There is a golden chain locked to the wall!