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AA727.DOC This file
AA727___ Required to use 727 in FS4
AA727___.SIM Required to use 727 in FS4
REF-727.SIM Reference file for AAF
AA727.AFX AAF crated aircraft

To use with FS4, copy AA727___ and AA727___.SIM to your FS4
directory. Start FS4 and select the mode menu and aircraft
(1,E) and select the 727.


Takeoffs are performed with 3 notches of flaps.
Rotate untill the tail almost touches the ground at
approximately 120 knots. When airborne, retract the
gear and establish a 1000 FPM climb while accelerating
through 140 knots to retract the flaps to 1 notch and
200 knots to completely retract the flaps. When this
is done, continue the shallow climb untill reaching
250 knots. At this time, continue a 250 knot climb
until reaching 10,000 ft, then accelerate to 300 knots.

Approaches work well by slowing to 250 knots below
10,000 ft and lowering 1 notch of flaps at 250 or less.
2 notches when below 210 knots and full flaps below
180 knots. Vref is 130 knots. Do not get low and slow
or you will not get to the runway before touching down.


With the limited colors available on FS4 I had a problem
as to how to color the aircraft. Ultimately I decided
on light grey even if that meant blending in with light
grey runways.

The flight parameters presented different challenges.
I used the 747 as a reference sim. I adjusted the roll
inertia because the 727 does not have under wing engines.
Next, I adjusted several items to make the climb rates
more realistic (2000-3000 fpm) without making it more
of a runway hog than it already is. Next I wanted it to
cruise in the 30000 ft range at approximately 450-500 knots.
It is just a recreational simulator, so do allow some
theatrical license. Suggestions, comments, and
criticisms are welcome.

Mike Eppright
Olathe, KS

Welcome aboard Captain!

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Archive   : AA727.ZIP
Filename : AA727.DOC

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