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Airbus A340-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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Airbus A340-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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Contents of the A340-300.DOC file

Airbus Industrie A340-300

The fourth genration aircraft from the European Consortium is the A340 Airbus.

This long-haul commercial jetliner is the first real competitor for the Boeing
747 series. Powered by four CFM International CFM56-5C2 Turbofans generating
31200lbst each gives an operational range of 7700 miles in a 295 passenger con-
figuration of 18 first class, 81 business class and 196 economy class in six-,
seven- and eight-abreast seating, all with twin aisles. In maximum passenger
configuration 440 can be seated nine abreast!

The dimensions of the aircraft are:-

Wing Span: 197ft 10.00in (60.30m) Length: 208ft 11.75in (63.70m)
Height: 55ft 02.00in (16.83m) Wing Area: 3908.4sq.ft (363.10sq.m)

The first test flight o the A340-300 was on the 25th October 1991 with first
deliveries being expected in the first quarter of 1993. Firm orders so far
total over 130!


Designed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator Four using BAO/Mallards'
'Aircraft and Adventure Factory' by Peter Leadbeater (CIS 70374,2454) November
2nd 1992.

Note: The above is not required to fly this aircraft in FS4!! All you need to
do is copy both files (not the .DOC file) into your FS4 directory.


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