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A puzzle for bridge players.
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A puzzle for bridge players.
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Contents of the A2-PUZZL.DOC file

If you are a Bridge player, you may enjoy trying to solve the bridge
puzzle contained here. Just type at the DOS prompt: a2-puzzl.

Even if you are not a Bridge player, I hope the display will amuse you.

B-.exe was made from XEQ.COM, version 1.16. (Later, type "b-".)

Embedded in B-.exe are EC(OH).COM, W(AI)T.COM and LO(CATE).COM, all from
PC Magazine, Vol 6 No. 21.

Also embedded in B-.exe are various suppport files for the bridge puzzle.

At the end of the program, a copy of the final screen will be dumped in
your directory as A2-PUZZL.COM. To do the puzzle, just type A2-PUZZL.
You won't need to run the full program again except for amusement.

The answer to this bridge puzzle may be found separately in A2-ANSW.ARC.

This program enhances but does not change the version dated Feb. 21, 1988.

Steve Hoglund, Washington DC. March 13, 1988.

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