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A simple 4-Card Solitaire card game.
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A simple 4-Card Solitaire card game.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


This card game was written because I wanted to write a card game that I hadn't
seen around yet. (plus I haven't written a game since 11th grade!)

If you like it then fine, if you don't then that's fine also!

Please leave this file with the original archive. This version will be
blessed with the 1.0 version number. If you have any suggestions
or comments, I can be contacted through fidonet @1:261/662 or Prodigy

The program in written in Microsoft QuickBasic and I think I might rewrite
it in C for some practice.

Have fun with it. (it was more fun writting it than playing it!)

-Mark Lindell

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