Dec 142017
A great 3d star trek game.
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A great 3d star trek game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONFIG.ST 4 4 stored
CONTENTS.DOC 560 320 deflated
GAMES.BIN 724 552 deflated
README.ST1 2506 1184 deflated
STARTREK.DOC 32826 10071 deflated
STARTREK.EXE 166400 89418 deflated
SUPER.EXE 71168 47242 deflated

Download File 3D-TREK.ZIP Here

Contents of the CONTENTS.DOC file

StarTrek Files that should be in the Archive File

Contents.Doc - This Doc File
Games.Bin - Binary file necessary for the running of StarTrek
ReadMe.ST1 - Version 1.1 Fixes and Enhancements
StarTrek.Doc - Documentation for StarTrek
StarTrek.Exe - The Main Game Program
Super.Exe - Original Unmodified StarTrek Program

Config.St and HallFame.Dat are files that are created by StarTrek when ever it
is run and the files are not found.

Color.Dat is created when ever you make a change to either the Monochrome or
the Color Defaults.

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