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| 1. Requirements |

This 1994POOL game requires following:
* VGA or better
* 386/486 or better
* 580kb Base Memory
* Microsoft Compatible Mouse
Optional: Sound Blaster Compatible/Gravis Ultrasound for digital sound
Note: If you have a fast PC, such as 486+, you can use digital speaker,
which uses same sounds as sound cards, but play them to speaker.

| 2. How to Install and Run 1994POOL |

1. Run Install.exe (if you got it from the floppy disk)
Or copy all the files to Hard Disk.
2. Change directory to where game is installed. (e.g. cd c:\1994POOL)
3. Run Setup.exe to setup the game (Such as Sound card, Memory, etc)
4. Run 1994POOL.EXE
5. At title screen, you will have 3 options.
a. Begin the game.
b. See HI-score.
c. Exit to dos.
Press left mouse button to activate each option.
6. Select number of player, Beginner/Intermediate/Master mode,
sound option, and pool table. Then, press bottom button to begin!
7. Press HELP button for the game rules and more instructions!
8. Enjoy the game!

| 3. Trouble Shooting Q/A |

Q. The game doesn't run! It gives Not Enough Base Memory error!

A. This 1994POOL game requires at least 580KB Base Memory in which you
will get more memory by removing TSRs, such as those programs that
are loaded during computer boot-up. To increase base memory, try
boot with clean-disk (to make clean-boot disk, use FORMAT A: /S).
Also you may want to try to remove some TSRs that are loaded from
AUTOEXEC.BAT file in hard drive.

Q. When I run the game under windows, the program terminates. Why?

A. I recommend you to exit windows, and run the game in standard DOS.
If you still want to run the game under window, please change sound
mode(sound card, digital speaker mode) to normal speaker mode in
Setup.exe. Then, the game will run fine.

Q. Setup.exe doesn't detect my sound card!

A. This game support 100% Sound Blaster compatibles Music card, and
Gravis Ultrasound card. Make sure your Sound Card supports Sound
Blaster, and load appropriate driver if necessary. However,
SB-emulation may not work since this game does not use native mode,
but uses DMA operation for sound and music.

Q. When I switch to 'Speaker Digital' mode, the speaker just makes a lot
of noise-like sound when playing the game!

A. 'Speaker Digital' option in Setup.exe was intended to be used only
with high-speed computers, such as 386-33, 486, 586+(Pentium), etc.
Even 386 with 16Mhz speed is not fast enough to support digitized sound
for internal speaker. If you don't have sound card, then choose
'Speaker Normal' option which does not use digitized sound.

Q. For the SB compatible sound card, the music stops right after some

A. Probably you have wrong IRQ number. If you haven't install with
your disk that came with sound card, I recommend to install it.
However, you may change by running Setup.exe, and change IRQ.
The default is set to 7(most common), but try to change to 5 which
is pretty common as well.

Q. When I play music, everything slows down, even mouse!

A. The generated music is a high-quality digital music which requires
high burden of the CPUs, which 386/486+ or better is a minimum.
Please turn Music Enable option off in Setup.exe if you experience
problems with music.
Also, try NOT to change 'TURBO' button during or before the game
start. If you have changed your computer's turbo button, try to
reboot and run the game again.

Q. Program hangs when I play with 'Speaker Digital' option in Setup.exe!

A. Again, for slow computers such as 386-16,20, etc, computer may not
catch up with heavily digitized sound to the speaker. Turn off this
option, and choose 'Speaker Normal' option in Setup.exe.

Q. Program says VGA is not found!

A. Probably your video card is CGA/EGA etc. This program requires 100%
VGA video card, with VGA monitor.

Q. The ball flickers, and disappear when collided with balls, and ball
moves very slow!

A. This program was tested on slow 386 computers, and ball flickered
when used with QEMM, EMM386, Cache OFF(in CMOS setup), other TSRs,
etc. Try to remove some of the QEMM, EMM386, 386Max from the computer,
(by simply booting up with clean-disk, or put 'REM' in front of
'Device = C:\DOS\EMM386.....' statement in CONFIG.SYS and re-boot.)
Also turn off 'Speaker Digital' option when experiencing flickerings.
Also, if you run this program under window, it will be a lot faster
to run through standard DOS. (exit window, and type '1994POOL').

Q. The game ask whether to run this program since 386/486 is not
found! But I am sure my computer is 386/486!

A. Code for detecting 386/486 may not work for every computer. However,
if you are sure your computer is 386/486+, then choose 'y' to run

Q. How could I contact the authors?

A. See REGISTER option during the game, or see Order.Me file.

our Address:
1205E Apache 128
Tempe AZ 85281
(602)731-9832 E-mail: [email protected]

Q. What is shareware? What does 'register this game' mean?

A. This game is distributed freely as "shareware", which means
"try before you buy" program. There is almost no-functional difference
between shareware and registered(or commercial) version. However,
you will get more options such as full 100 levels, all various shape
pool tables, and receive future shareware games by mail free.
You will automatically be on our mailling-list to receive first
future shareware games. We encourage that you copy this game to
your friend, upload to BBS, etc. as long as no files are removed
nor modified. Please see Order.Me for how to order the registered
version of 1994POOL.

Q. I like this game!

A. Thank you for playing!:)

Please see 'register' information inside the game to find out how you can
order your personalized copy of 1994POOL. (see Order.Me file)

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