Dec 172017
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1993 TRIS: Great TETRIS-TYPE GAME with a different twist. This time you have to kill flies. You can also use 18 different weapons. It’s much more challenging than TETRIS. Version 6.02. From Ninano Software.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1993TRIS.EXE 67120 57944 deflated
BD.PIC 3456 738 deflated
BM.PIC 3456 843 deflated
BU.PIC 3456 920 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 368 192 deflated
GD.PIC 3456 782 deflated
GM.PIC 3456 904 deflated
GO.BAT 12 12 stored
GU.PIC 3456 989 deflated
PRINT.ME 1993 629 deflated
THINK.EXE 73490 20267 deflated

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