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Windows based solitaire game.
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Windows based solitaire game.
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13 Out Card Game
for Windows

Copyright (c)1992 Philip B. Cook


10 January 1992


Welcome, to what I hope will be the first of many pieces of succesful software
distributed to the public via the medium of SHAREWARE. I very much hope that
you will enjoy playing the game of 13 Out, which was introduced to me while
on my Grandmothers knee more years ago than I care to remember, though she
didn't seem to need all this technology to play it, just a simple deck of

I have modelled the way in which the games behaves on the version of Patience
called Solitaire distributed by MicroSoft with the Windows 3 Environment.

The code however is 'all my own work', with only a little help from the nice
people at BORLAND who provide some even nicer examples of how to go about
things Windows fashion, when you purchase their excellent TURBO PASCAL for
WINDOWS product, of which I cannot speak too highly.

The software requires Microsoft Windows 3 and a mouse. It has been tested
running under Windows 3.0 in Real, Standard and 386 Enhanced modes on an
IBM AT (286), 386sx and 386DX processors.

This whole piece of software is by way of an essay in the Art of programming
and allowed me to learn and forget more things about the Windows Environment
than are probably good for me......... I just hope you like it.

This product is provided on an as-is basis. The Author makes no warranty
whatsoever regarding the product and specifically disclaims any implied
warranty or liability of any kind.


This product is distributed as Shareware. It is not Public Domain and I
retain the copyright. Please feel free to copy the package to your friends or
upload it to your favourite bulletin board. If you get this from a commercial
source you should pay no more than the cost of the the diskette on which it is
supplied plus a small copying fee. The software is distributed as a self
extracting archive file built using LHArc (Copyright Yoshi). It should come to
you with the following files.

13OUT.EXE - the Windows Executable File.
13OUT.WRI - this Documentation File. ( Windows Write FORMAT).
13OUT.TXT - Documentation file in simple TEXT format.

Install the program as follows :

1. Copy the file 13_OUT12.EXE to the Drive and Directory on where you wish to
'unpack' it.
2. Type 13_OUT12 at the DOS prompt.
3. Answer the questions.

The files will be extracted and expanded on the current drive.

Once the program is executed and you save your favourite mode of operation of
the game, it will write a file 13OUT.INI in your WINDOWS directory. I don't
approve of applications writing all over the WIN.INI file, so I don't.

If you like the game and intend to continue to use it beyond an initial trial
period ( shall we say 30 days), then I shall be delighted to receive your
request for registration. Once registered the program will cease the (small
amount of) nagging that it does. I hope by then to be able to offer you some
other software on the same basis, and perhaps some improvements made to the
13OUT Game.

If you spot any bugs in the program, or would like to suggest extra features,
I would also be pleased to here from you.

A form for registration is included as the last page of this document file.


The game is played with a single deck of 52 Playing Cards. They are located at
the upper left of the playing area in two piles, one face down, and one face
up. At the beginning of the game the cards are shuffled and dealt as follows:

13 Cards, face down to a pile in the top right of the screen.
1 Card, face up to each of 4 locations in the lower screen.
1 Card, face up to the upper screen.

Cards may be added to the piles in the upper half of the screen provided that
they are of the same suit as a visible card and that they are sequentially one
higher in denomination. The piles that start empty will only accept a Starting
card of the the same denomination as that dealt at the start to the left most
of the four piles. Cards may be moved from any of the Working Piles (lower
centre), the deck or from the top of the pile of 13 Cards which were dealt OUT
at the start (Hence 13 OUT). The cards may only be moved to these piles singly.
They can be dragged with the mouse, or double clicked from their current
location. Once transferred to these piles the card may not be returned to the
playing area.

Cards may be added to the lower playing piles provided that the card to be
added is sequentailly one lower in denomination than that uppermost of the
pile to which it is transferred and of opposite colour. Cards may be moved
from the deck, the 13 Out Pile or other working stacks. In addition groups of
cards may be moved from one working stack to another. Individual cards or
groups may be dragged using the mouse to their destination.

The top card of the 13 Out Pile may be turned face up by clicking once on the
top surface of the pile.

Cards can be transferred from one part of the deck to the other by clicking on
the top surface of the facedown pile. The deck can be played in three modes

1. Straight 3 - 3 cards are counted from the deck and then turned face up on
the second pile. ie the top most visible card after the operation was the
3rd card down on the deck.

2. Reverse 3 - 3 cards are counted from the deck and placed on the second pile
one at a time, ie the top most visble card after the operation was the top
card of the deck.

3. Draw 1 - cards are moved singly.

The mode is adjusted by using the GAME,OPTIONS menu feature.

The game is complete once all four piles in the upper playing area have
received 13 Cards from the playing area. Then you can relax and watch the

It is possible to drag the cards around the playing area in two modes, one
moves the full card image, the second moves only an outline.

It is also possible to select which deck of cards to play with, from a
set of 12.


The menu bar supports the following options

Deal Shuffles the cards and deals a new hand.
Options ... Pops up a dialog to select the various modes
of play.
Select Card Backs .. Pops up a window to select the deck in use.

Rules Displays a single page summary of the rules.
About Author credits and Registration Notice.
Register Allows entry of registration information.


The author can be contacted as follows :

POSTMr. P.B. Cook,
5, Carpenter Close,
Yarm, Cleveland. TS15 9UT.

TELEPHONE +44 642 782001 or
+44 642 485395

FACSIMILE +44 642 471287

Revision History

V1.0 24 November 1991 Beta Test version.
Reported Bugs -
1. Card Back Dialog NOT modal.
2. No out of memory checking.

V1.1 8 December 1991 First Release
Added Card Decks generated by WINFRACT.
Fixed V1.0 Bug 1.
Fixed V1.0 Bug 2.
Reported Bugs -
3. Card Selection Dialog did not function
correctly on Hercules and EGA Displays.
4. Multiple instances in Real Mode occasionally
caused a system 'hang'.

V1.2 10 January 1992 Updated.
Tightened up the code a little.
Fixed V1.1 Bug 3.
Fixed V1,1 Bug 4.


I wish to register my copy of 13 OUT Card Game for Windows.

Mode of Address_________
( Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr / Rev / Other )

First Name _____________________________

Surname _____________________________

Address _____________________________




Telephone _____________________________

Version / Date of evaluation copy of 13OUT __________________________

I enclose my payment of 5.00 ( five pounds sterling ) or equivalent in
readily convertible currency.

Signed ______________________________

Please return the form to the address shown above in the documentation .

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